Atheist trying to make a joke of Christian holiday confuses Christmas and Easter

atheist idiocyNo doubt this particular Atheist thinks he knows too much about Christianity to believe it.  His post contains short videos mocking the crucifixion of Jesus, rather than his birth…which is what Christmas celebrates.  Perhaps this Easter there’ll be snarky images of nativity scenes.

UPDATE: The post was taken down without a hint of admitting the mistake.

My comment on their post: Smooth move genius, you confused Christmas and Easter. Luckily screenshots are forever!


  1. Gee, I wonder why none of your atheist or skeptic followers haven’t responded to this yet?

    • They probably missed it. But twitter atheists tried saying that they guy didnt care. But that cant be because he promptly deleted it without a word. Must have felt stoopid

  2. I love how these genius atheists, like the mental giant Dawkins, refer to themselves as “brights” as if Christians are dim. As I said in another comment: Christians do not hold a monopoly on stupidity.

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