Open Thread — Obamacare and job creation

As Obamacare’s regulations begin to kick in, businesses are scaling back their work forces.  Between cutting hours to less than 30 per week and laying off to come in under the 50 employee threshold, they are doing what they can to avoid the costly mandate that is Obamacare.

Here’s the thing.  If a business is properly and efficiently staffed, when you have to cut hours or the number of employees, the work still needs to get done.  The employer has few options.  They can hire more staff, but give them half the hours.  For example, 50 employees at 40 hours per week becomes 100 employees at 20 hours, or 70 workers at 29 hours.  On paper, it appears that Obamacare has caused more people to get jobs.

Someone tell Planned Parenthood that Obamacare has become an employee’s nightmare.

Any Thoughts?

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