Oregon residents planning funeral for local massacre

I’m all for conservation.  But environmentalists and ‘green activists’ take conservation to environmentalism, which virtually worships the Earth and the environment — it should be listed in the DSM.

Thousands of bees were found dead after a pesticide was used in Wilsonville, OR.  There has been the Wilsonville Bees Memorial will be held to aid in the grieving process for environmentalists who are awaiting closure over the loss.

(Grist.org) — As if bees don’t have enough problems, tens of thousands were just massacred in Wilsonville, Ore., after a few trees were sprayed with the bee-killing pesticide Safari. Their tiny bodies — an estimated 50,000,according to local news — were found in the corner of a parking lot.

Now, to “memorialize these fallen lifeforms and talk about the plight of the bees and their importance to life on Earth,” Portlander Rozzell Medina is organizing the Wilsonville Bees Memorial. It will take place this coming Sunday, at the Wilsonville Target.

This idea is actually not as Portlandia-ready as it might sound. Medina writes:

As you may know, this is a very crucial moment for bees, as they are dying in the millions, unnaturally, worldwide. Their unnatural deaths are being caused by humans applying chemical pesticides to the earth and its plants. In addition to the injustice and brutality of this situation for the bees that are being murdered, there are far-reaching effects for humans, who rely on bees to pollinate our crops. It is widely agreed that the endangerment and extinction of bees will have devastating consequences for humans and other lifeforms, which makes this an urgent opportunity to honor them and advocate for them.

One way to quickly identify an ‘enviro’ is by their language.  They anthropomorphize bugs, trees, plants and whatnot.  They refer to cutting down a tree or killing weeds as murder and talking about it makes them hyperventilate and/or weep.  Ironically, they find it preferable to allow humans to die in the name of saving or preserving “Mother Earth”.  Apparently it’s totally lost on them that people are part of nature too.


  1. They worship the creation rather than the Creator.

  2. R. Nash says:

    List it in the DSM right next to christianity, islam and judaism and liberalism and conservatism.

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