Senate candidate Markey: It’s Not Math, It’s Arithmetic

How sad is it that Massachusetts voters will likely vote this man into office?


About as sad as the Georgia voters who keep electing this guy (warning, if you make it through the mindless questions about the size of Guam, your attention will pick back up at the 1:16 mark):


This isn’t an isolated case of mental diarrhea for Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Georgia) either.  Don’t worry, you only need to watch the first few minutes on this one.  Wow.


  1. And yet these pinheads still get the votes. Of course, this is really just an example of the public education system, isn’t it?

  2. paynehollow says:

    re: Markey’s comments, I thought they sounded GOP-crazy, too, but it appears he may have a point…

    The dictionary definitions of these two bodies of learning are:

    (1) the branch of mathematics that deals with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division,
    (2) the use of numbers in calculations

    (1) the study of the relationships among numbers, shapes, and quantities,
    (2) it uses signs, symbols, and proofs and includes arithmetic, algebra, calculus, geometry, and trigonometry.

    The most obvious difference is that arithmetic is all about numbers and mathematics is all about theory.

    So, by pointing out that arithmetic is a more elementary level of understanding, as compared to mathematics, his point is valid. But I sure didn’t know that and would have been tempted to mock him, but apparently, I’d be wrong.

    Live and learn.


    • unfortunately he didnt say mathematics, he said math, which is generally interchangeable with arithmatic. Apparently its not even a distinction you make since you looked it up. But like every liberal democrat shill, you’ll go to any length to admit one of your own has bad luck when it comes to thinking.

  3. paynehollow says:

    On the first Johnson video, given, that sounds crazy stupid.

    On the second one, watching through the first few minutes, other than a rather clumsy and potentially offensive (to little people) analogy, I don’t see what is “wow”-inducing about saying that in a labor/management dispute, generally speaking, the management has the advantage. Did it get nuttier from there?


  4. paynehollow says:

    Come on, John. Admit it. You made a simple mistake, in ignorance. You THOUGHT he was being stupid by using “math” and “arithmetic” interchangeably and all the while, HE actually was correct in his word usage. It was only your ignorance that was exposed, not his mistake.

    Again, I didn’t know the difference either. But I have the integrity to admit it: Whoops! I thought he was being stupid but I was the stupid one. No problem. There’s no harm in making a mistake, just in clinging to the mistake once your ignorance has been exposed.

    Tell me true, John: Did you know the difference between Mathematics and Arithmetics and you posted the video because you thought he meant “math” not “mathematics” and because you think “math” and “arithmetic” are interchangeable?

    Even if you did, in context, clearly this man (whom I know nothing about, but presumed he was a democrat because you were mocking him and you save your mocking for partisan reasons, typically) was speaking of the simpler arithmetic vs the more complex mathematics and, thus, his usage is valid, right?


    • I actually do know the difference, atrithmatic is a process of the philosophy of mathematics as a whole. However, I doubt anyone watching that debate knows the difference, which isnt really all that broad since they are essentially synonyms and used interchangeably. He’s not that bright, and the fact that you defend him so vigorously says something about your comittments.

    • And since youre so hung up on technicalities, I made no comments about his statement at all. I merely asked: how sad is it that Mass voters will elect this guy. You took it the extra step to infer what I was referring to, you know, reading between the lines. I have to ask, if you find it valid to read between the lines of my post, why isnt it valid to read between the lines of his statement and presume he’s just an idiot who said something stupid? Unless there’s a double standard.

  5. Johnson’s skin color is all that is needed to qualify him.

  6. The real question, and of the utmost importance, and I’m sure you will agree John, is can these gentlemen spell potato?

  7. paynehollow says:

    What did he say that was stupid? That’s my point. I thought he said something stupid and, as it turns out, I was the stupid, or more correctly, ignorant one. But my ignorance does not make that guy stupid. After I learned the difference, I got his point and was better educated.


  8. The first one is not a flub, in my view, since arithmetic is a branch of mathematics. If he was talking about something that specifically deals with counting and calculation, then he said it right: it’s simpler than math. “Math,” which in everyday language is short for “mathematics,” encompasses all sorts of things.

    Hank Johnson is an idiot of elephantine proportions.

    • I’ll accept that Markey knew the difference. But to say it like that with no clarification, the common person I dont think knows the difference, and that is enough to make him out of touch.

  9. I don’t know. I didn’t think it was a big deal, but I don’t care for Markey. He’s out of touch because he lives in la-la-land like most hardcore leftwingers.

  10. It’s a distinction without a difference. He may as well have said “It’s not math. It’s merely simple number theory”. It was a silly thing to say, either way.

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