Can we guess the day or the hour?

This is more of an in-house discussion among Christians, but feel free to weigh in with some speculation on the issue if you’re outside the Christian camp. Jesus tells us no man can know the day or the hour, and I believe him, no one can know the day or hour.  But could someone guess?

There is no shortage of people proclaiming the end of the world and so far they’ve all been wrong.  But let’s say God was going to bring about the end on September 17th 2013, couldn’t someone –in theory at least — guess that day?

If some crack pot were to guess September 17th, would God change the day? Would he intervene as to assure no one would ever guess his appointed day? Or would he allow the prediction to be made even if by a sandwich-board wearing crack potthe end?


  1. Anyone can guess anything, but knowing is a different story. The Bible says no one will know.

  2. I don’t think so, because they still didn’t KNOW.

    • I’m not sure I’m convinced thqt God would allow it, and here’s why.

      It would bring discredit on the bible because it would give the impression of a failed claim by Christ.

      • Here’s the problem – what if there are 365 days of the year which have been claimed – so God can’t bring about the end because every day has been guessed?

        God allowed false prophets in the O.T. to be right about their false prophecies, but it didn’t bother Him in what He was doing. The caveat was that the false prophet pointed to other gods, so that even if he was correct, he was still a false prophet. People who in the past have claimed to know the day and hour have always been cultists, so I’d say that agrees with O.T. prophets who got it right but led people to follow false gods.

        • Glenn

          I cant argue with you because in the end I think youre right, I was curious as to what other theories are out there. This was something I’ve always wondered.

  3. Glenn is right. Nobody will KNOW, but people can guess. My own guess is that it will not happen in our lifetime.

  4. paynehollow says:

    Are you serious?


    • Yeah Dan, I’m serious. It was just a thought I’ve always had. Its a relatively inconsequential ponderence. Kind of like wondering how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

  5. I think God’s timeline is set. If a crackpot could change it, then He wouldn’t be very powerful. I could hold off the second coming by years by claiming I’ve narrowed it down to the next century. Just lay claim to the next 36,500 days and POOF! I’ve foiled God’s will and plan.

    I agree with Glenn. I can’t “know”. So, sure. We can guess.

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