Plan B: The Slippery Slope

Well, you can’t say the pro-life groups didn’t call it.  Only a month after the court decision to allow the “morning after pill” (a pill which will prevent pregnancy by prohibiting a fertilized egg i.e., a new human being, from implanting in the uterus) to girls as young as 15, the Obama administration will be taking steps to ensure children of any age can purchase the drug without parental notification.

(NYTimes) — Reluctantly yielding to a federal-court decision, the Obama administration announced on Monday that it will take steps to allow a version of the so-called morning-after pill, known as Plan B One-Step, to be sold over the counter to girls and women of all ages. They will not need a prescription, nor will they be required to show any identification to obtain the emergency contraceptive. There will be no restrictions on where the drug can be sold; it will be up to the manufacturer to propose appropriate venues.

This move only serves to highlight this president’s moral depravity.  Remember he voted against a law protecting children who were born alive due to a botched abortion, a position Planned Parenthood also takes.

Does it get any sicker?  I’m glad you asked, yes, it does!

The turnabout from the administration’s previous politically motivated restrictions on the pill was hailed as a breakthrough, or at least a significant step forward, by some advocates for women. The only lingering concern was whether the price will remain a barrier for many young people and women with limited ability to pay.

The real concern is some kids might not get enough allowance to pay for it. Translation: It will soon be free.

dr obama


  1. Obama is a tool of Satan.

  2. Honestly, I don’t know where I stand on the so-called “morning after pill.” It can also prevent fertilization, not just implantation. And preventing fertilization is no different than any other birth-control, really. But preventing implantation is most assuredly a form of abortion. It ends a life.

    The reason I’m hesitant to hold an opinion is because I know that it CAN take up to five days for fertilization to occur. These pills usually increase estrogens and progestins in the body which can actually disrupt the fertilization process, totally stopping it from occurring.

    But I guess the rub is that they can also cause implantation failure, which means the end of an actual human being in the earliest stages of human development. And that is still murder, in my view. And since we can’t know how the pregnancy was stopped – either preventing fertilization or implantation – I think we have to err on the side of caution.

    So, I guess I don’t support Plan B. But regardless, I most certainly don’t support Plan B be given over-the-counter to children.

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