Basic Truths You Can’t Talk About in America Anymore, Part 3

John Hawkins from Right Wing News posted a list of 20 issues which are considered too politically incorrect to discuss openly in America anymore.

(Number 3) — Most black Americans are good and decent people, but percentage wise there are more black Americans in jail because percentage wise, black Americans commit a lot more crimes than white Americans.

Race is always a touchy subject.  With some people, it is impossible to have an open and honest discussion without being called a racist for merely identifying statistics.  Inevitably someone will “read between the lines” and figure out what “I’m really trying to say”.  But there’s no judgment being made — in any direction — in simply noting that  blacks commit crimes at disproportionate rates to their representation in the general population.

arrests 2011

arrests 2011a

There could be any number of reasons for it.  Some are contrived, some are valid.  But trying to shut down the conversation by slinging accusations doesn’t allow the problem to be addressed.

I’m not looking to discuss the causes here.  What I’d like is to discuss why issues like this cannot be openly talked about without distractions.


  1. Much of the black crime is due to the lack of fathers in the home, which has accelerated exponentially since Johnson’s “War on Poverty.” A very high percentage of blacks are born to single mothers who have been abandoned by “sperm donors.” This leads to poverty, gang involvement, and the continued race-bating by the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who continue to foment racism.

  2. This is one of the reasons I prefer to use the term ethnicity rather than race. We are one race – human. Ethnicity, however, is a broader term that includes our cultural background, and it is that culture that is responsible for most of the “racial” differences we see.

    But in today’s popular notional of moral relativism, cultural relativism means you can’t say one culture may be better than another, either.

  3. I think it is because the left is so invested in the concept of right-wing bigotry. That is to say that I don’t think this is the only reason we can’t discuss race, but one of them. At Dan T’s parallel universe blog, one of his cohorts brought up the Heritage Foundation and their report about the impact of immigration reform, as threatened by the current “Gang of 8” proposal. One of the dudes involved did a paper at his university that discussed IQ’s of immigrants. No where did he take a position that suggested racism, but apparently merely daring to compare groups of people in this way is itself racist. I put forth a hypothetical, wherein a leftist looking to prove there is no difference between the races found differences after all. Would this leftist then be a racist if his serious research exposed? Last I checked, I got no answer.

    Also, there are race-baiters that have acquired power in the black community by playing the race card whenever the slightest opportunity arises (hint: their deck has 52 race cards only). Playing the victim can be profitable. What’s more, no one wants to be accused of being a racist, so accusing people of being a racist puts them on the defensive, often to the point of giving in to whatever wacky notions are put forth.

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