Thoughts on Plan-B

A recent court decision has made it possible for girls as young as 15 years-old to obtain the “morning after” pill without a prescription.  Here are a few thoughts I have on this controversial ruling.

  • 15 year-old teens are unable to drive, vote, enter into contracts, own real property, drink alcohol, join the military, get tattoos, take Tylenol in school without express written parental permission etc. all because they are considered not yet mentally or physically mature enough to participate in those activities.  But now they are able to make the decision to take this particular prescription strength medication which “coincidentally” also sustains her sexual liberty.
  • In many states 15 years-old is too young to engage in sexual behavior.  Making this pill available provides an easier way to cover statutory rape and possible abuse that Planned Parenthood has been covering for years (exhibits A, B, and C) and also supports making the pill available to girls of any age.
  • This ruling essentially eliminates the need to inform parents of the fact that their adolescent children are sexually active.
  • Making the medication as available as chewing gum removes one more potential inhibitor to unprotected sex, likely leading to increases in sexually transmitted diseases.  In the same vain as abortion, extending Plan-B to younger girls only serves to coddle the irresponsible of young boys in the area of sexuality.  The availability of the pill allows one way to make sexual activity less consequential.
  • It’s funny how 15 year-old (and sometimes as old as 18) criminals and delinquents are referred to by the Political Left as children, who didn’t necessarily know what they were doing and just needed more guidance.  But 15 year-old women are mature and stable enough to make sound decisions about their lives.


  1. It blows my mind as well!!!

  2. I’m waiting for statutory rapists to use this and similar Leftist actions as a blanket defense. If 15 yr. olds are mature enough to consent with 15-17 yr. olds for sex and to purchase strong medicines by themselves, what is morally significant about their partners being 18 or over?

    And just think about all the guys who will buy these pills and use them as part of their seduction schemes. Just take this pill tomorrow and there will be no consequences — right?!

    • neil

      I don’t think it’s a stretch for the people who are trying to de-stigma pedophilia… now referred to as “minor-attracted” adults. As you say, “if they’re old enough and mature enough at 15 (and in the future younger) to purchase medication related to sexual activity, they are therefore mature enough for sexual activity”. And again, in states where the age of consent is 16 (my state) there is no legal prohibition between that 16 year-old and a person of any other (older) age. People will use this ruling to argue for lower ages of consent.

  3. Just another example of how this society lives with cognitive dissonance.

  4. The age of consent is 16 in my state, too, John. That doesn’t bother me. By 16, people should have enough sense to make a responsible choice regarding sex. If they don’t, it’s on them. They’re old enough by 16 to be responsible. I was old enough. I knew what I was doing was totally irresponsible, but I did it anyway because I didn’t care, not because I didn’t know better.

    But the idea that Plan B should be available to anyone under the age of consent is absurd.

    • Interesting age of consent around the world:

      Here’s the real problem: we raise our kids to be kids rather than adults. Teenagers are truly young adults and if properly trained are plenty mature to do anything. In past generations, teenagers were kings and queens, married and worked farms, went off to war, AND mature enough to not have sex until they were married.

      Nowadays they stay children until graduation from college, and are taught that sex is just a form of entertainment. Then we treat them like kids for everything – except for birth control and abortion!

  5. Moves like this make it easier for older males to take advantage of younger girls. And awful reality that this world is coming to. How can this be justified when it’s below the age of consent?

  6. You know what gets me? “Plan B”. So, the object is not to be pregnant. Was Plan A to have unprotected sex?


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