I ordinarily do not post with the sole purpose of promoting websites or blogs and it is not likely to become a habit.  A friend of mine, a university student, has started a website called for musicians and music lovers.  My reason for doing this is two-fold.  First, I don’t know of another site like this — though there could be one.  I am not that into music, but I haven’t heard of a dedicated site for strictly music and musicians specifically.  And second, I think it has the potential be a great site for the musically inclined.

From the What Is Musician Connect? tab:

MusicianConnect is a place for musicians and general music-lovers to come and interact with others who share the same interest – music!

Along with a blog that will have posts discussing every facet of music – from tutorials on mixing software to opinion posts on music news – MusicianConnect also features a forum where people can discuss whatever they like, or even post links to their own music for feedback from the community. MusicianConnect is also currently working on establishing a ‘classifieds‘ area of the site where people will be able to post their own ads or check out the ads others have posted.

As this is a brand-new site, we are in need of people who will be willing to contribute in whatever way they can. If you would like to write blog posts relating to specific genres, write reviews of products or music…MusicianConnect will be truly grateful for your contribution!

So if any of my readers are music junkies I think this could be a site you’d enjoy.  If you are a musician, I think this is a site you’ve been waiting for.

Any Thoughts?

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