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Andrew Breitbart died earlier this morning and his political opponents are certainly setting the bar for decorum.  The Blaze has already compiled some of the most vile tweets following the news of his passing.

@darrenfiorello: Andrew Breitbart died? Is it wrong that I’m happier about that than when they got bin Laden and Saddam?

@readjunk: I wonder if the state of Douchery will lower it’s flags at half mast? #AndrewBreitbart

@johnkapp: Andrew Breitbart was a racist, sexist, homophobe. Good riddance.

@towndrinker: good riddance to bad rubbish. no reason to mourn someone who made it their business to make this world a less pleasant place. #breitbart

@Sttbs73: It is very hard to have sympathy for an evil person like Andrew Breitbart! I am done being NICE.

@jeffglasse: Andrew Breitbart now enjoying afternoon tea with Hitler #goodriddanceyouhack

@darrenfiorello: People don’t die at 43 of natural causes. But if you’re going to live a lie, you may as well die one. #tcot #p2

@AlmightyBob: @AndrewBreitbart haha youre dead and in hell being a gay with hitler

@Chico Delainky: I wonder how #AndrewBreitbart died? If he was found with some type of foreign object in his butt., that would be really funny

@neuteronomy: You know, I don’t often speak ill of the dead, but #AndrewBreitbart was a detestable waste of air.

@PaulyPeligroso: Andrew Breitbart died doing what he loved. Not having a heart.

@TheSocialest: Good riddance Breitbart. Hopefully they put James O’Keefe in your casket.

@gabriel0923: Andrew #Breitbart has died having been finally consumed by his revolting hatred! The world is better off without him!

@dufus: Did we cry when Hitler died? No.. #Breitbart see you in hell asshole

@dac2527: Satan calls Andrew Breitbart home… Good riddance!

@TheLibertyLamp: Andrew Breitbart destroyed lives based on LIES, I will not be some phony liberal and pretend condolences. ROT IN HELL ANDREW U BASTARD!

@dollada06: Andrew Brietbart is dead, its no Rush Limbaugh but i’ll take it! #GOP #DFL

@ChickGoneBad: They say Andrew Breitbart died of natural causes. Sure, that having that much evil inside you will almost naturally kill you.

@JerryWaxman2: His kind of journalism, and the “gotcha” out of context videos deserve an early death. via @HuffingtonPost

@GOP_Hates_You: @AndrewBreitbart Burn in HELL

I wonder if there would be outrage from the left for such vitriol from the right if one of their own passed and was celebrated in like manner.


  1. I knew it would happen, but that was quick. You can really feel the love and tolerance.

  2. Liberals are such hate-mongers!

  3. Terrance H. says:

    I “Like” the post, but not that Andrew Breitbart died. Just wanna clarify that. I like that you’re calling the Left out on their hypocrisy.

    • I know where you stand T. It’s frustrating to hear from the left that the right is so full of hate and see this. Not that I have seen it coming from the professional left, but from the blogging left, they are always complaining, and they are the worst offenders. I can only imagine what those at the Daily Kos are saying.

  4. Can we just say that both sides are filled with petty people?

    • Of course we can. But for one reason or another the left seems to be filled with vitriol and vocal about it all the while inventing “hate” that requires interpretation from the right.

      I’m not saying the right doesn’t have its ragers, but they are few and far between compared to the left, who claims the right is heartless all while saying the above.

      • You know, it’s odd, I rarely if ever get affected by the death of someone I don’t actually know. I didn’t read breitbart’s work often or watch his TV appearances, but the more I’m reading about and see coverage of his death, the more I am being affected. I find myself saying “dammit” alot. Strange.

  5. Terrance H. says:

    That’s how I felt about Christopher Hitchens, John. I was actually in tears. Where do you think I got my pro-life views from? A lot of his work. He was a pro-life liberal atheist, ya know. His pro-life view was a bit more nuanced than ours, but he was pro-life. He used to refer to pro-choicers as “militants.” LOL.

  6. So much for the “judge not lest you be judged” mentality that is so often “used” by many of our left leaning friends!!!

  7. “I wonder if there would be outrage from the left for such vitriol from the right if one of their own passed and was celebrated in like manner.”

    I’m sure that no-one would say anything bad about the passing of a prominent liberal, like Ted Kennedy for example.

    • Sure, things were said about Kennedy, but it it the left who parades around as if they are above all that pretending to want civility in discourse calling the right a bunch of haters. I’m just pointing out their calls for civility in discourse are hollow. Much like the feigned outrage at Rush’s comments about Fluke when libs have Bern exponentially worse about conservative women and they all just laugh along.

  8. It would also be a double standard if the very person you were defending against such attacks had employed them himself.

    As it is.

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