Cheerleader forced to pay legal bills for school

A girl had accused one of her fellow students of sexually assaulting her at a party. He ended up pleading guilty to a misdemeanor in order to avoid having to do any jail time.  The boy was allowed to return to school and the play for the school basketball team.  She continued to cheer for her team during games, but refused to cheer his name at the games.  The school superintendent became aware of what she was doing, and she was subsequently removed from the cheerleading team.  The cheerleader sued the school and lost, and a federal appeals court ordered her to pay the school’s legal fees, upwards of $45,000, describing the suit as “frivolous”.

If the details of this case are accurate, and it seems they are, since the boy pleaded guilty; how could the school make the decision that the cheerleader should leave her extra-curricular activity to avoid the boy, rather than the boy leave his?

Something is wrong here.  Usually the court system bends over backwards to do everything in its power to ruin the assailant’s life.  Even when the claims are spurious and unfounded, the accused must jump though hoops in an effort make sure the woman never even has to so much as see him.

I’d love to find out more of the details of the back story.  Something is definitely amiss.  The court’s decision is absurd if this story is as straight forward as it has been reported thus far.

Any Thoughts?

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