Condescending bilingual signs

Not that this issue has been in the news lately, but in the area I work, many signs and forms are written in both English and Spanish.  I am not necessarily advocating for English as the official language here, although I would like to see it. It seems that politicians have unwittingly insulted … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk Shop

Christianity's critics have no shortage of complaints.  They offer many reasons for rejecting religion, some are understandable, some are unreasonable. But what about when those reasons are shown to be based on a faulty understanding of what it is they are rejecting?  Of the Atheist's I encounter … [Read more...]

Obama's birth certificate reveals shocking truth!

The White House today released President Obama's long-form birth certificate.  When the "birther" movement arose (originally by the Clinton campaign during the 2008 presidential primary race), Obama released his short-form birth certificate, or certificate of live birth.  Since the short-form's … [Read more...]

Kansas passes voter ID bill

Governor Brownback has signed into law a bill which would require voters to present a photo identification when voting in any election.  The new bill would require: Photo identification of all in-person voters at every election. Proof of citizenship for voter registration beginning Jan. 1, … [Read more...]

Teen faked pregnancy, surprised by reactions

Gaby Rodriguez, a 17 year-old high school student decided to conduct a social experiment gauging the reactions of fellow students for her research paper titled: "Stereotypes, Rumor and Statistics".  Only a small handful of people knew she was not pregnant, including her mother, boyfriend, and school … [Read more...]

Some billionaires ok with higher tax rates

According to The Daily Beast, some of America's well-known billionaires would be just fine if their tax liability were increased. Aside from Zuckerberg, several other prominent billionaires and wealthy Americans have spoken out in favor of greater taxation, characterizing their support as a … [Read more...]

School amends standing policy for pledge

A local school district in the Houston, Texas area has recently amended their policy which formerly read that students stand while the Pledge of Allegiance when recited in the morning.  Two seniors decided one day that they did not want to stand during the Pledge and it has become the talk of the … [Read more...]

GaGa For God

Lady GaGa is quite the performer.  She has a commanding stage presence and demands attention where ever she goes.  I'm not a fan of her music.  Not out of protest, but I don't listen to much music, and the music I do listen to is of a different genre.  I had recently read a headline reporting that … [Read more...]

Let's redistribute your GPA UC Merced students are confronted with the idea of over-taxing the wealthy in a scenario they can relate with: their grade point average. Some students work and study harder than others which earns them better grades. So when … [Read more...]

The World Is Full Of Awfulness

The problem of evil is perhaps one of the strongest arguments against the character of a God who is described as loving and powerful.  Skeptics challenge Christian theists with this objection in an effort to show an inconsistency between the description of God as presented in the Bible and what … [Read more...]

College student proves God exists

A Virginia Tech freshman, Alexander M. Huppert, was arrested after an altercation with police at a local "Ask an Atheist Day".  Hupert walked up to a table at the event sponsored by the Freethinkers at Virginia Tech (FVT) student group.  Huppert then borrowed a pen, drew a cross with a circle on the … [Read more...]

Court OKs sex-change for child

An Australian family court Justice has decided to allow a 10 year-old child to begin steps towards a sex-change. The boy's parents happen to be medical experts and psychiatrists and deemed it necessary to allow their prepubescent child to make life altering decisions and petitioned the court to … [Read more...]

Raise taxes! (we don't pay them anyway)

I'm surprised a study of this kind, though informal, has taken this long.  Then again, not really, most media outlets are not chomping at the bit to besmirch the names of a certain political party.  The Daily Beast, has devised a system to rank the number and severity of tax-cheating politicians.  … [Read more...]

Conn to seize licence for repeat cell users

The Conn Legislature passed a measure which would now allow police officers to seize the driver's licence for up to 24hrs for repeat cell phone offenders.  Apparently the fines were not enough to deter drivers from using the hand-held devices since their banned usage in 2005. This is one of those … [Read more...]

Win By Default

In any serious discussion the participants must present arguments for their respective position.  Both people bring an opinion into every discussion.  Most people understand this, but sometimes someone comes to the table under the impression that their view is correct by default.  A classic example … [Read more...]

If you haven’t been victimized, make it up

A University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill student had reported to police on April 5th that he was assaulted with a hot metal object by a man who also used a homosexual slur during the attack.  After further investigation, the Department of Public Safety has determined Quinn Matney had invented … [Read more...]

Tax and complain

President Obama had campaigned on higher taxes for the wealthy, and now he may make good on that promise.  Politicians like Obama have demonized the wealthy in this country ever since they realized they could get votes for it. Of course, as taxes for the wealthiest rise, the wealthy will relocate … [Read more...]

Schools are becoming cell phones

In that they are doing nearly everything except their intended purpose.  Frankly, I'm surprised cell phones even make phone calls anymore.  Little Village Academy in Chicago had banned students from bringing their lunch from home over concerns of the nutritional content of the self-prepared … [Read more...]

Arizona got one right, so far

The Arizona legislature has approved a bill which would make it legal to carry a firearm on public college and university grounds.  If signed into law by Republican Governor Jan Brewer, who is a gun proponent, it would be only the second state allowing firearms on public campuses, the other being … [Read more...]

Ethnic crayons

The Crayola company is at it again.  They have unleashed on the market the Multicultural line of coloring utensils.  The goal is to provide children with a variety of realistic skin tone colors.  I am no fan of political correctness.  It is an institution which has practically made a sport of being … [Read more...]