College student proves God exists

A Virginia Tech freshman, Alexander M. Huppert, was arrested after an altercation with police at a local “Ask an Atheist Day”.  Hupert walked up to a table at the event sponsored by the Freethinkers at Virginia Tech (FVT) student group.  Huppert then borrowed a pen, drew a cross with a circle on the back of his hand, and petitioned the students to stab him in the cross to prove God existed.

When the students of the FVT refused, they effectively proved God does not exist.  But Huppert, unconvinced by FVT’s evidence, took it upon himself refute their argument, and began to stab himself in the hand thereby negating FVT’s proof that God doesn’t exist, settling the age old debate once and for all.  Police intervened when students called 911, and Huppert was arrested after a brief altercation.


  1. What? Because a college student stabbed himself in the hand, god must exist? What does this have to do with anything?

  2. I hope Huppert gets some help. Hopefully it’s obvious to everyone, police, students, etc., that he needs mental health help, and not incarceration even though he assaulted several police officers.

  3. Reminds me of the guy in Russia who walked into a lion’s den to prove God existed a couple of years back. The lion seemed to disagree, but appreciated the snack.

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