Atheist billboard removed from church property

Freedom From Religion Foundation -- A billboard featuring a cheerful student saying, “I can be good without God,” was too much for the delicate sensibilities of the Rev. Waymon Malone, pastor of Christ Cathedral Church in Columbus, Ohio. Late last week, Malone insisted that a local billboard … [Read more...]

More taxes? Because they can afford it

When discussing taxes this past week with a co-worker, I had voiced my opinion that everyone ought to have some skin in the game.  Namely, that everyone should bear some tax burden regardless of their income, even if it were only a hundred bucks a year.  As it stands people whose income is not … [Read more...]

Shocking revelation: Businesses are in business to make money

I felt prompted to respond via comment on Ilovemygov's latest post about the recent discoveries in the Obamacare debacle.  Namely that an "Obamacare loophole will allow an estimated 3 million more Americans to join the Medicaid rolls in 2014.  This lucky group of people could be making as much as … [Read more...]

Atheists hate hero Firemen…maybe -- Atheists are complaining about a new street sign in Red Hook that commemorates firefighters who died on 9/11.[...]  "It’s improper for the city to endorse the view that heaven exists," said David Silverman of American Atheists tells the Brooklyn Paper. "It links Christianity and … [Read more...]

My Conservative Dilemma

I feel as though I am on the horns of a dilemma.  I am a self-identified Conservative, admittedly to the right of most.  I was disappointed to see Barack Obama win the 2008 presidential election.  I was sure that selecting Joe "3-letter word, j-o-b-s" Biden as his number two, that his fate was … [Read more...]

Out Of Sight, Out Of (Your) Mind -- Chaz Bono is the son of Cher and Sonny Bono. While growing up, he says he always felt uncomfortable and, after years of feeling out of place, he realised he was not Chastity but Chaz.  And so he came out as transgendered and initiated the transition from female to male. I think … [Read more...]

A Little Discrimination Never Hurt Anyone

Discrimination carries with it a certain connotation.  It is nearly understood universally as a bad thing.  For example, a blog I read daily commented on a nail salon which--as a business practice--charges men $1 or more for the same services provided to women.  A man has apparently had enough of … [Read more...]

Electric vehicles not so Green after all

The Australian, via The Week -- ELECTRIC cars could produce higher emissions over their lifetimes than petrol equivalents because of the energy consumed in making their batteries, a study has found. An electric car owner would have to drive at least 129,000km before producing a net saving in … [Read more...]

LGBT hate crime alarmism

A while back I had posted on hate crime legislation in general as a concept, and why I thought it was a bad idea to criminalize thought.  The statistics just do not bear out the attention hate crime receives.  So when I happened upon a blog post not long ago titled Hate Crimes, on … [Read more...]

Victimhood And Responsibility

The war on drugs has been a hot topic for some time.  By some estimates, the program, instituted by President Nixon, has cost the American tax-payers $1 trillion dollars with few to none of its declared goals met.  Whether you support the war on drugs, one can understand why politicians would be … [Read more...]

Failing economy is Obama all the way

I can sympathize with those supporters of President Obama who have had to endure (and defend) two and a half years of failed promises: unemployment to stay under 8%*, closing Gitmo, pulling out of Iraq, general economic prosperity, etc.  Obama has spent a good amount of time blaming his predecessor … [Read more...]

LA House votes 91-0 to display 10 Commandments -- The House voted 91-0 Monday to allow a locating a monument of the Ten Commandments on the grounds of the State Capitol.  Rep. Patrick Williams, D-Shreveport, the sponsor of House Bill 277, took less than 30 seconds to explain the bill when the House vote board lighted up green.  … [Read more...]

Six Of One…

The resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth is Christianity.  This event was recorded in the Gospel narratives found in the New Testament of the Bible authored nearly two-thousand years ago.  The Gospel accounts record Jesus' relatively brief preaching; attributes miracles being performed by Him; His … [Read more...]

Speak Now, Or Forever Hold Your Peace

Since becoming interested in Christian apologetics, there has been one drawback that I was not anticipating.  Having spend countless hours studying biblical theology I have come to certain conclusions on rather controversial issues.  I am able, I believe, to discern between true ideas and false … [Read more...]

Media Matters flunks math

Media Matters for America is hoping its readership is not very good at math: Neil Cavuto kicked off his Fox News show with this misleading image suggesting that the stimulus is responsible for 1.8 million lost jobs: In fact, multiple non-partisan studies have said that the stimulus  saved or … [Read more...]

Is D2 gay enough?

A gay softball team overseen by The North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance , D2, finished 2nd in the Gay World Series  in 2008, but had its placing nullified because of allegations that the team exceeded the limit  of non-gay players. The San Francisco-based team the men played on, D2, was … [Read more...]

New law unfair to convicted drug dealers…maybe

Fox News-- A year ago, a drug dealer caught with 50 grams of  crack cocaine faced a mandatory 10 years in federal prison. Today, new rules cut  that to as little as five years, and thousands of inmates not covered by the  change are saying their sentences should be reduced, too. "Please make this … [Read more...]