Question For Abortion Advocates

Abortion is one of the hottest of hot button issues debated.  Both sides of the issue can be thoroughly passionate in their stance.  Whether you consider abortion to be morally right or wrong, women have many different reasons why they choose to abort.  Those holding the pro-choice position support … [Read more...]

If the Government wont save us from ourselves, who will?

More and more States are taking legislative action on drivers using hand-held cell phones, presumably because cell phone use is wreaking havoc on our nation's highways.  We are told how inherently dangerous it is to walk and chew gum drive and talk on a cell phone, and for our own good we must ban … [Read more...]

The Ontological Argument Against The Existence Of God — Rejoinder

Recently, Oscar Rivera, author of presented his version of an Ontological Argument Against the Existence of God as a counter example to the classical Ontological Argument for the existence of God. As a practice, I do not use the Ontological Argument for the existence of … [Read more...]

Are You A Real Christian? (This Is Not A Test)

As I spend more and more time on the internet discussing religion, I realize there are many impressions people hold of what others should believe in order to rightly claim affiliation with any particular faith system.  Specifically when it comes to Christianity, a good many people believe they can … [Read more...]

Safety First

It is not too often that I can report good news coming from the Guttmacher Institute who just recently reported the stark increase in the number of State laws restricting abortion on demand, but I'll take this news where ever I can get it.  To those on the pro-life side of the debate this comes as … [Read more...]

Black children better off as slaves…maybe

Or so implies Daily Kos blogger, Lefty Coaster, of Republican Presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann in a piece titled: Michele Bachmann signs pledge that implies black children were better off under slavery.  Lefty cites a pdf link of “The Marriage Vow — A Declaration of Dependence … [Read more...]

Liquid Atheism

The morality debate between Atheists and Theists is ongoing.  Whether Atheists can act in a moral manner is not in question.  Most Atheists more often than not, are relatively honest, caring people with genuine concern for their fellow-man.  I have always been intrigued by the Atheist's claim that … [Read more...]

Good Grades Not Good Enough

Merit based achievement is the pinnacle of success.  To excel in a particular area due to personal performance is also the pinnacle of personal freedom.  Affirmative Action stifles both true success and true personal freedom.  It has outlived its noble purpose and has become what it was intended to … [Read more...]