Question For Abortion Advocates

Abortion is one of the hottest of hot button issues debated.  Both sides of the issue can be thoroughly passionate in their stance.  Whether you consider abortion to be morally right or wrong, women have many different reasons why they choose to abort.  Those holding the pro-choice position support women who chose abortion, and presumably, their reasons behind their choice.  However, those on the pro-life side do not find the reasons sufficient to have an abortion.

Among some of those reasons as reported by the Guttmacher Institute:

  • Having a baby would dramatically change my life
  • Would interfere with education
  • Would interfere with job/employment/career
  • Have other children or dependents
  • Can’t afford a baby now
  • Student or planning to study
  • Can’t afford a baby and child care
  • Can’t afford the basic needs of life
  • Don’t want to be a single mother or having relationship problems
  • Not ready for a(nother) child
  • Possible problems affecting the health of the fetus
  • Physical problem with my health

I have a question to those who would call themselves pro-choice on the issue of abortion.  Though you support a woman’s right to abortion, is there any reason a woman could give that would not justify her seeking an abortion?  Put another way, if a woman you knew confided in you saying, “I am thinking of having an abortion because _____________”, is there anything that would fill in the blank that would cause you to think to yourself, or tell your friend, “that is not a good reason to have an abortion”?  And what makes it a bad reason?


UPDATE: Disruptive, abusive comments will be moderated.  This will not be a platform for activists of either opinion.


  1. The fact that you use the term “abortion advocates” shows me exactly what your misconception is. Nobody is saying, “hooray, let’s abort every fetus!” Pro-choice doesn’t mean, as you seem to insinuate, that abortion is always the correct choice. But the decision of what constitutes a meaningful life disruption that a woman is unable to accommodate, and whether a pregnancy and resulting child would cause such a disruption — that’s an evaluation I think the woman herself is the only one truly equipped to make. I certainly don’t think we should have laws specifying which feelings are right and which are wrong while considering an abortion.

    That being said, if a friend of mine came to me and said, “I’m thinking of having an abortion because it sounds like fun,” or “I’m thinking of having an abortion because I just bought this really cute bikini and I want to wear it at the beach in a few months,” or “I’m thinking of having an abortion because I already bought tickets to a Broadway play on my predicted due date,” I would sit her down and have a serious discussion about responsible behavior and priorities. Perhaps she might come to the realization that she is far too emotionally immature to have a child, and that might be a sufficient reason to have an abortion.

    In general, I am definitely an advocate of responsible sexual activity (or lack of activity, to whatever extent possible) and I think the best outcome is one in which contraceptives or abstinence prevent unwanted pregnancies in the first place. But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with terminating a pregnancy early on, any more than with having surgery to remove an extra toe or an inflamed appendix.

    • I’m not sure how to take your response. First, abortion advocate means you advocate for the right to abort, nothing more nothing less. You read into the term more than is there.

      But more importantly, it sounds like you would discourage the abortions in those cases because of emotional/mental immaturity, and not for the reasons, per se. Is that right? For this presume the friend is emotionally mature but believed those were valid reasons to abort.

      So to be clear, you would oppose abortion for those reasons given? As in you would urge your friend to reconsider because the reasons are not good enough to chose abortion. Or you would personally disagree but support the woman who wanted the abortion for any of those reasons?

      • I would discourage a friend citing a frivolous reason for an abortion because I think she would be more likely to have serious regrets later about it. I would talk to her about how wearing a cute bikini pales in comparison to the experience of raising a child, and so on. If she really didn’t understand that, I think she’d be way too emotionally immature to be a mother anyway, and if she was still early in her pregnancy I wouldn’t do anything to stop her from aborting. Late term, I would try to convince her to go the adoption route.

        Another one I came up with — if a friend came to me, panicked because she thought she would not be a good enough mother, I would discourage her from aborting. I think that’s likely to be just stress, and it would be a pity for her to lose the opportunity to have a child because she was nervous about it. I would recommend some parenting books and make sure she had a good doctor, and so on.

        I support the legal right of individual women to decide what constitutes a good reason to have an abortion, especially in the early stages of pregnancy. There are certainly situations in which I’d advise a friend to “get real.” I guess it depends on what you mean by “support”.

        • Ok, but put aside that you think the reason “I want to look good in a bikini” is a sign of emotional immaturity. If your friend was otherwise a mature and sound person, what makes the “bikini” reason a bad reason.

          Right now as you present it, it sounds like you think the “bikini” reason is an indicator of another reason which you would consider a good reason to abort rather than a bad reason in and of itself.

          So all else being equal, do you think wanting to look good or wear a bikini is a bad reason on its own? If so why os it not a good reason?

          Not trying to be difficult, just clear all around.

          • Also keep in mind I’m not asking if you would discourage someone for giving a bad reason. I’m just wanting to know if you think there are bad reasons and what makes it a bad reason.

  2. John, while I agree in NFQ’s assessment of your terminology, I feel as though the question itself is akin to “When did you stop beating your wife?” and your previous post regarding “What examples would it take for you to believe?” Those answers never seemed to satisfy you and you will spend all of your time attacking these answers with your moral righteousness.

    People make their own decisions, plain and simple. If they wanted your opinion they would ask you for it. If they make a statement just to see how I would react, I would ask them if they’re looking for advice.

    • It’s not about whether these answers are satisfying to me. I want to know abortion advocates believe there are ever bad reasons to have an abortion and why. I am asking for an opinion, if you are pro-choice. So, Z, if you are pro-choice, do you believe there are bad reasons for a woman to have an abortion? Or is every reason concievable acceptable?

  3. Sure, I may personally have the opinion that their reason is bad, but my opinion is irrelevant unless they’re asking for it. Whether or not I feel that their reason is acceptable is purely subjective and has nothing to do with their decision or their right to make it.

    • Why are you making this so difficult? I’m not asking you to badger your pregnant friend, I am asking you–YOU-(if you are pro-choice) if there are bad reasons for a woman to get an abortion, what is a bad reason and why it is a bad reason.

  4. Every other comment making issue with the terminology of the title will be deleted. If you dont want to address the POINT of the question, and insist on nitpicking terminology don’t bother commenting. I am asking people who are PRO-CHOICE if there are reasons they would consider are bad reasons to have an abortion.

    If you are not pro-choice, this post is not for you.

    If you are going to argue as to why abortion is morally permissable or why abortion should be legal, this post is not for you.

  5. Honestly John, I think you entirely miss the point of being pro-choice. I don’t think there are any good reasons to have an abortion- save maybe the mother’s life being in imminent danger. If any of my friends came to me for counsel regarding abortion it would always….99.9999% of the time be the case that I would want them to have the baby. At the same time, I do not in any capacity believe that we have a right to force that choice onto anyone unless we are willing to remove their objection. So unless I am willing to offer free childcare, financial support, free tuition, medical benefits, and the like…I really do not feel equipped to force my preferences on others. I also do not think it is fair to force unwilling women to pay for doctor’s bills, prenatal vitamins, screening costs, and time off work and/or school just so that they can choose adoption.
    If we want to remove the choice to have control over our bodies, then we best be standing right there with open arms willing to help and support those who are struggling with the feeling that they cannot manage a pregnancy or child.

    So again, to answer your question, there is perhaps one or two things a friend might say to me that would make me counsel them to have an abortion- otherwise I will always try to talk them out of it. Ultimately though, my last sentence will always be that it is their decision…their choice to make. What on earth would make you think anyone would think otherwise?

    • Cmon George, I know you can read, and I know you can comprehend. Why would you offer this comment begging to be deleted?!?!? In fact I did delete it then restored it because you are notoriously on topic.

      I want the comments ENTIRELY on topic on this!

  6. I think I am essentially going to be re-articulating what George said. I think there are many reasons why women shouldn’t get an abortion. If a friend were to ask me for advice, I would echo George’s response in trying to persuade the woman to see the pregnancy come to fruition. There are plenty of bad reasons to get an abortion (inconvenience could be a good umbrella word) and I would probably chastise a friend who would get an abortion for that reason.

    • I’m not sure why people are having such a hard time with the question. Maybe I have to rephrase it so people understand.

      For those who are prochoice, what are some bad reasons to have an abortion, and why are those reasons bad?

      I reallu don’t want to get frustrated to the point where I ridicule. Cmon people, read and answer what the question is asking.

      • I have to honestly say, I am rather disappointed that people cannot comprehend and answer a simple question. George, please allow me to apologize to you in advance for my following rant. I realize you are trying to answer what you think I am asking, but you are not. And so my frustration is really getting to me.

        What the heck is so hard about answering the question: Those who are pro-choice, what is a bad reason (if you believe there is one) for a woman to get an abortion, and why is it a bad reason?

        Simple question. Just list a bad reason and tell me why it’s a bad reason. No one is asking about whether there should be legal abortion. No one is asking if women make tough choices. No one is asking if you feel women need to make decisions for themselves. No one is asking for how you would councel someone.

        • Can I just ask one quick question before I give you another answer?
          Are you doing this specifically to mock the way you think Dan T. argues? Is it a joke?

          You can’t ask a ridiculously generalized question, strip it of all corollary meaning, and then demand that people answer it without contextualizing their answer!

          Hey, John…..Can we agree that committed relationships are a good thing? Yes or no. Don’t qualify your answer please.

          • George, I assure you this is not Dan mockery. I honestly do not see why this is causing such a kerfuffle. Here let me answer this in an analogous way.

            Is there ever a good reason to steal?

            Answer: yes, if I was in a secluded area and was starving, I would break into a home and raid the fridge and deal with the consequences, because my life depends on it. Or if there was some imperative emergency which required a moderate sum of money ($100 or so) to remedy and limited time and resources I would likely rob a gas station to get it and explain the circumstances later, because whatever the emergency is, I will hope the gas station and police will ultimately understand, and I would reemburse later.

            Why cant my question be answered?

          • But George, if you read the post, I do ask you to qualify it. I am asking if there is ever a bad reason, and why is that a bad reason. Give your answer and qualify your answer.

      • Well, I can’t say that your abruptness is exactly warranted given that I answered one of your two questions, but I’ll try to be more thorough:

        “what are some bad reasons to have an abortion…”

        Well, I’ll just re-submit my answer from before. Inconvenience is a notoriously popular reason for why many women get abortions. If you want something more specific, a successful woman who supposes a baby would interfere with here career would be a more specific example.

        “…and why are those reasons bad?”

        The main reason that I have such a problem with the “inconvenience” reason is because it is utterly selfish. We, as a species, are able to thrive and propagate successfully through shared experiences, through mutual and beneficial aide to one another. This superficiality of merely thinking of oneself that is associated with the “inconvenience reason” is quite the opposite of what should be. It tells me that the person is more concerned about how well her life is, rather than how the lives of others are. I must be careful here, though, because I have been confining the discussion to merely women, but men can be charged with the same accusation.

        I hope this was satisfactory. I tried not to deviate too much from your questions.

        • Thats probably as good as the answer is going to get without me probing a little, and I don’t mean that to be rude, I’m just trying to get somewhere, so if I may dig just a couple shades deeper…

          Selfish to whom? Why is it selfish to have an abortion for convenience of lifestyle? And why is selfishness not a good reason to have an abortion?

          And you say she is “more concerned about how well her life is, rather than how the lives of others are”. What do you mean, can you just clarify this?

          I really do apologize for the abruptness, but in my opinion, this is a very straight forward question and it seems people wanted to offer me every answer but one to the question. Thats frustrating to no end. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to mention that in the follow up as well. Would just like one or 2 more responses to the question.

  7. Fine.
    Based on what you have said you are looking for, here is one of many bad reasons.

    If someone who had all the resources at her disposal to afford the proper ongoing care of a child; a good support system, financial security, an understanding or secure workplace, and a healthy constitution- yet still said that they felt unprepared to be a parent…..I would consider it a bad reason. I would say her decision is based on fear as opposed to reality, and that that person ought not feel unprepared for parenthood.
    I would consider something like that to be poor judgment.

    Here is another:

    If someone was due to attend university in the coming year, and the university had in place an entire infrastructure to accommodate expectant and new mothers: a distance education system, flexible class schedule, daycare available at no cost, etc. and the government provided a stipend to her income to accommodate the increased costs of raising a child while unemployed or underemployed…..and this woman still felt that a pregnancy and child would cause her to sacrifice her future financial stability and job security- I would consider this a bad reason for an abortion.
    Since many of her likely objections are solved, I would consider that poor judgment.

    If someone was prepared to put up her child for adoption after having a full term pregnancy, and all doctor’s costs were covered by the state, prenatal vitamins subsidized, all medical bills paid by the taxpayer, and a reasonable amount of paid leave from work was available before and after the delivery….and this person still wanted an abortion because she felt that pregnancy was an “inconvenience”, I would consider that a bad reason.

    Shall I continue? Or does that suffice?

    • Just fine, now what makes them bad reasons? Why shouldnt someone abort for those reasons?

      • I thought I set up why they were bad reasons in my premise.
        The point I’m driving at is that “I don’t want a baby/pregnancy because I don’t want a baby/pregnancy” is a bad reason to have an abortion. If we can remove those reasons that (reasonable or not) have merit, you are left with an entirely selfish reason for having an abortion.
        You will say all reasons are selfish, but I say not all are entirely selfish.

        • Ok, so all else being accounted for, why is “I don’t want…” a bad reason for an abortion?

        • Because it is a choice made when realistic alternative choices that are better are available. As my examples cited, the key is having realistic and reasonable choices.

          • Ok, please allow me to add another qualifier. Assume you do not know the woman. All you know is she wants an abortion. You cannoy ask any other questions except “why do you want an abortion?” The reason I am asking it this way is I want to know if therae is a reason in and of itself that is a bad reason regardless of any background information.

            For example, in my stealing analogy, the answer “because its fun” is a bad teason to steal regardless of any background information.

            So, is there any reason for any woman in any circumstance to have an abortion which would not be a good reason?

            I appreciate your patience.

        • How about “Because it is fun”?

          You can read my new post on the subject if you wish….

        • Because abortion is morally wrong. You are barking up the wrong tree here John, but I know where you are going with this.
          Just as with any other intricate moral question, there is something inherently wrong about an action (certainly this is the case with abortion) or inaction, though there are mitigating factors that make that wrong partially defensible. It doesn’t change the objective nature of the action or inaction, it only changes the degree to which it mitigates a different wrong.
          You are looking at this like there is a right and wrong answer that is universal. You are entitled to hold an opinion on the most moral potential solution, but you cannot argue that your opinion is objectively true in all cases.

          So again, “because it is fun” is not a reason that offers any balance of moral virtue. It is entirely selfish and treats “fun” as an potential equivocal to a human life.

        • off topic Dan, Im not asking if abortion is morally justifiable, or if it is comparible to war. Delete.

  8. rautakyy says:

    First I thought, that I would not answer this post, since I can give you no specific bad reason for abortion. But what the heck, I’ll answer it anyway… Abortion is not immoral, so there are no moral reasons that would make the choise bad.

    It is the choise of the woman. If she feels she is not ready to become a mother, what ever the reason, that is it. If it is good enough reason for her, then it should be such to the rest of us.

    If she is a responsible person she has considered her reasons quite a lot and has come to an ethical conclusion. If she is not a responsible person, she should not have children anyway.

  9. What is one major difference between religion and science?

    In religion, when the facts disagree with the theory, they THROW the facts away!

    While in science, when the facts disagree with the theory, they simply CHANGE the theory


    In spite of what some of the programmed religious robots and any other less than logical people say about Abortion, it is NOT, in any way, WRONG!

    If you are a Christian & if you are against abortion because the Bible says “TO NOT KILL” consider the following:

    First, it is very obvious the Bible does not really mean “Kill” as both those who wrote the Bible those in the Bible and everyone who reads the Bible most certainly KILLS Animals, Fish and Plants to eat. � �

    Second, as anyone who has actually read enough of the Bible knows, the Christian God and/or his “flock” are KILLING many, many other people much of the time. So I submit what the Bible really means is, �

    “You should NOT commit MURDER.”

    Of course, as anyone who has actually read the entire Bible knows the Christian god, as well as many others in the Bible murder, murder and murder some more.

    In fact, evidence in the Bible shows the Christian god kills over a MILLION all by himself.

    (Yea, what a real nice he/she/it “god” it is.

    These things must be why Thomas Jefferson said the Christian god was:

    “Cruel, Vindictive, Capricious and Unjust.”

    While I only know of TWO (2) places in the Bible where says: “DO NOT KILL.”
    I know there are at least TWENTY EIGHT (28) places where the Bible instructs all of it’s “believers” “TO KILL”

    And as I’m sure some Un-knowledgeable Christians will say all this killing is in the Old Testament, it makes absolutely no difference if it is in the New, or the Old Testament as:

    A. Both Testaments ARE part of the Bible

    B. In the New Testament, Jesus, himself states EVERY thing said in the O.T. is TRUE! � And JC also states ALL of the rules mentioned in the O.T. are to be followed!

    Facts are, good Christians are instructed to KILL ME just for what I have written here! � And according to the Bible, they should also KILL ME only because I am no longer a Christian.

    (This is a LOVING religion? NOT!)

    So Christians can give up on the excuse of ‘”Not Killing” as being any sort of a valid reason for being against abortion as their “Guide Book” the Bible, does NOT support it.

    Next, the BIBLE very clearly states there is NO LIFE until AFTER the FIRST breath is drawn! �

    Face it, a Baby can NOT take it’s “First Breath” until AFTER it IS born..

    Nor is there ANY THING, ANY WHERE IN THE BIBLE where it says abortion is ‘wrong’.


    Now if you are an Atheist, you should, as should all knowledgeable people, KNOW
    the following:

    A. We Humans are ONLY ONE life form out of MANY MILLIONS of life forms.

    B. NO life form intrinsically has ANY more RIGHT TO LIFE than does ANY other life form!

    (And IF you think ANY life form has more “Right To Life” then any other life form does do, then PROVE IT!)

    C. Other life forms have intelligence, use Logic, have the ability to communicate, have empathy, build shelters, homes, bridges, use planning, teamwork, make music, plan, morn death, do art, hold rituals, make war and other things we humans do.

    Some other life forms are stronger, swim and run faster, fly, have better eyesight, better hearing, and the ability to smell and hear things we can not.

    D. The ONLY thing humans have which NO other life forms ( we know of ) has is the arrangement of our fingers and thumb which give us the ability to grasp things which range from fairly small, to much larger objects, WITH DEXTERITY.

    While other life forms can “grasp” objects as well, none are able to so with as great “dexterity” as humans

    So the reason we humans are able to ‘RULE’ is because of the combination of our intelligence, ability to think logically, to build, and use, tools. (Pens, plows and weapons, all tools.)

    These are the ONLY reasons we are at the “Top Of The Food Chain” � They are ONLY reason we ‘”RULE” all other life forms because we have the “MIGHT” to do so.

    Might given us by the arraignment of our fingers and thumb.

    And NO matter how you put it, “Might” does NOT make “Right”

    It did not make those running the Witch Trials, Crusades and the Inquisition right.

    It did not make Hitler, Stalin. Saddam or Bin Laden and /or the Taliban “right” and does NOT make it “right” for we humans to KILL other life forms.

    Our unique human abilities most certainly DO NOT grant we HUMANS any MORE “right to life” than ANY other life forms have.


    Since they do NOT exist, no one can give me even one non-religious and non-emotional reason why we humans should have more “right” to life than does ANY other life form.

    IF you think you can, please GO FOR IT!

    NOR can ANYONE give me EVEN One logical, rational or intelligent reason why we humans shave more “right” to life than any other life form has.

    Facts are any Religious and/or Emotional reasons are invalid.

    They are neither considered, or accepted as it is illogical to use them to reach a intelligent, rational & knowledgeable reason to do ANY thing!

    D. In order for us to live we MUST eat!

    And in order to eat, we either have to kill other life forms ourselves OR have them killed for us, This includes Plants, Birds, Animals, Mammals, Fish and/or what have you.

    Like it or not, the life of a fetus does NOT take precedent over the rights of the women carrying it.


    I say again, ALL animal LIFE is sustained by killing of some other life forms. And it makes no difference if you like it or not, it IS the way it is.
    IF you do not like the way things are and,

    A. Your religious, you should Blame Your Incompetent God.

    B. If you are not religious, Blame Nature!

    The facts are, our world would be MUCH better off if there were NO Humans on it at All! � We have really screwed over the earth. WE have deforested it, poisoned its land and it’s water and ar ruining much of the oceans.

    We think nothing of killing plants, fish and animals for food, or of killing germs, etc., ALL of which are life forms and ALL of which have as MUCH RIGHT TO LIFE as we do!

    Don’t agree?

    OK, Logically and rationally PROVE ME WRONG!



    The following is what some Christians who support a womans right to have an abortion have said. Now these Christians actually did some research instead of just parroting some programmed religious rhetoric!

    They Said:

    FACT: A fetus is ONLY Potential Human Life.

    FACT: A Sperm and a Egg ONLY have the potential for human life.

    When they are united, an embryo is formed with all the DNA material, etc. of a human life.

    Life itself is not sacred unless you are a Hindu.

    According to these Christians, (not to me) human Life is very special for the two following reasons, Medical and Spiritual.

    What medically distinguishes humans from other life is the developed outer layers of the human brain “gray matter” which is the cerebral cortex.

    The cerebral cortex is the seat of human emotions, perceptions, sensations and all the other traits we consider uniquely human.

    (I say, here they display the far too typical arrogance most people have about our supposed “uniquely human” traits. While the real truth is, as time goes on, we find many other life forms have them as well.)

    It IS in the first trimester, when NINETY percent (90%) of ALL Abortions are performed, there is NO functioning of the cerebral cortex!!! � This means there is nothing which very clearly distinguishes it as human.

    The only neuron function is nothing more than very primitive brain stem activity which control autonomic responses.

    The Cerebral Cortex does NOT start to function until about the same time as the outer edge of viability – 20 to 22 weeks, long after most abortions are done.

    More important is the spiritual aspect of human life. � The following are from a Christian and Jewish biblical perspective which it it makes it very clear,


    The Bible identifies life with “breath”, (Gen 2:7) suggesting fife BEGINS AT BIRTH and, NOT at conception.

    Traditionally the view of Jewish Biblical scholars.

    For example,

    Ezekiel 37:1-14 suggests it & is consistent with Genesis 2:7. � Adam did not become a “living soul” until the “breath of life” had entered his nostrils and his body was formed.

    There are other examples are in Joshua 10:40, — � 1 Kings 15:29 and many other passages where “breath” is treated as a synonym for “life”.

    So again, in biblical terms, it is very clear life begins at birth, NOT at conception.

    And Ex 21:22-23 makes it quite clear the death of fetus is NOT murder.

    Judaism clearly believes no soul until the head is out of the birth canal.

    The only New Testament scripture dealing with Abortion, Matthew 26:24, suggests it would have been better if Judas had not been born! � �

    Note the word used is “BORN” and NOT “conceived”.

    The only way to have prevented Judas from being born would have been an abortion.

    So a fetus is NOT human life, as it has no unique human characteristics (although it has the genetic markers to develop them) and NO soul.

    Thus, logically. rationally and factually, a fetus is NOT human life! Rather, it is a potential human life.

    Just as a seed is a potential tree, an egg a potential chicken! And human eggs as well as human sperms are “potential” humans.


    NCR Sez: � Facts are, NO one has ever has PROVEN there is any such thing as a “soul”

    And one last time, NO ONE can give me ONE intelligent, logical or rational reason why any human life has “more value” or more “right to life” than the life of ANY other living thing.

    Sure, someone can give me emotional and/or religious reasons. Only as neither emotion or religion is logical and rational, (much less intelligent) they do not count.


    Someone came up with human life is more important because they are “at the top of the food chain”,


    To look at this ‘reason’ logically, those at the top of a food chain are either:

    A. The badest ones around so he/ can kill all the others.

    (So does this mean Mike Tyson has more right to life than Bill Gates has?)


    B. They have the intelligence and the ability (our opposed fingers and thumb) to build weapons.

    (As you can both have the ability to build weapons and not the smarts to figure out what to build OR have the intelligence and not the ability, you must have both.)

    Anywho, does this mean those who have the ability to more effectively grasp things than others, have more right to life than those who do not?


    Does this mean the higher the intelligence a person has, the more “right to life” they have?

    If so, then I guess I get to kill over 97% of all others, Then the members of Mensa can kill me & nearly everyone else on earth.

    Then the members of the ten or so groups which only accept members with higher IQ’s than it takes to get into Mensa, can kill all the Mensa members as well.

    And then WHEN (it is not IF, it is when) in not too many years, computers are “smarter” than humans, they can kill all humans??

    Sorry, being the top of the food chain or having the most intelligence DOES NOT give we Humans any More “Right To Life” than any other living thing.,

    We just TAKE IT because we have the power to do so.


    Anyone who thinks the Christian God is


    A, Can NOT read

    B. Have NOT read enough of Bible

    C. Incapable of understanding what they read.



    WE are FOR Life AFTER Birth and BEFORE Death.

    It seems the Anti-Choice people are much more concerned with a “supposed” life BEFORE Birth and AFTER death than they are for the OBVIOUS and PROVEN period of life in between those extremes.

    We do not force these anti-choice people to have Abortions, if they do not want to have them, it is their business. And yet these Anti-Choice people do not want to grant the Pro-Choice people the same FREEDOM of Choice.

    Anti-Choice is Anti-Freedom AND Anti-


    The following is by Dr. Paul K.D. Bagg a psychiatrist at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Canada, and was published in the “American Journal of Psychiatry”

    A new study finds that women who are
    denied abortions rarely give their babies up for adoption. Plus, many harbor both resentment and anger toward their children for many years.

    These women are also much more likely
    to be troubled and depressed, drop out of school, commit crimes, do drugs, suffer from serious illness and to express more dissatisfaction with life.

    The study strongly suggests the potential consequences of preventing an abortion are more extensive and disturbing than were previously recognized.


    “There was a time when Christianity ruled the ‘known’ world. That time is called THE DARK AGES!”

    Ruth H. Green


    Bottom Line?

    There are absolutely NO rational, logical or intelligent reasons to be against Abortion!

    And Again, Anti-Choice is Anti-Freedom which IS Un-American!


    FYI I am more than willing to be PROVEN wrong on ANY subject which I choose to comment on.

    IF I am PROVEN wrong, I’ll most readily admit it. So, IF you think you can PROVE I’m wrong, please do so.

    • You need your own soap box. You spend an awful lot of time talking about things wholly irrelevant to the post you comment on. Why is that?

      I don’t particularly care for filibusters.


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