My Conservative Dilemma

I feel as though I am on the horns of a dilemma.  I am a self-identified Conservative, admittedly to the right of most.  I was disappointed to see Barack Obama win the 2008 presidential election.  I was sure that selecting Joe “3-letter word, j-o-b-s” Biden as his number two, that his fate was sealed.  I thought that when his affiliation with Jeremiah “God damn America” Wright was made known, his fate was sealed. Indeed, I thought with the discovery of many politically deadly statements and policy suggestions, Obama was destined to be edged out by Arizona Senator John McCain (for whom I begrudgingly voted [thank you Ross Perot])

On the one hand, I am hopeful that Obama will follow in the foot steps of former President Jimmy Carter by serving only one term due to an overwhelmingly disgusted voter base.  But here in lies my dilemma.  I may actually need Obama to win a second term.  Wait…what?  I know, that’s what I said when I thought about this earlier today.

I am fairly confident Mitt Romney will win the Republican primary, unless Texas Governor Rick Perry makes a serious run.  I would prefer Perry, but could tolerate Romney.  And I think either Romney or Perry (Perry more so) could defeat Obama in 2012.

Either way, my dream President would be New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.  Unfortunately, Christie is not making a bid for 2012.  What I think this means is, that if I ever want to see a President Christie, Obama must win re-election in 2012.  Why do I say that?

If either Romney or Perry win the White House in 2012, they will likely win a re-election.  They are both good politicians whose politics appeal to a good majority of Republicans and Independents.  Christie will not likely challenge an incumbant Republican President, which means the next available opportunity would be 2020.  I just don’t think that’s an option.  2016 is more of a reasonable time frame for him to still be relevant enough to make a bid and handily take the top spot in American politics.

So it looks like in order to get my Reagan, I need to endure my Carter.   But do I have the stamina?  Does our economy?


  1. Terrance H. says:

    I like Christie, too, but if we don’t get him, so be it. We can’t handle another four years of Obama and his socialist agenda.

    • Thats the problem. I don’t think we can take another 4 years. But I think Christie would be such a good leader, and I don’t think he’ll be around in 2020. Its not like I’d vote Obama just to get him in 2016. Just that I don’t think he’d challenge an incumbant, and when/if Obama loses in 2012, it seals the deal of no Christie for president. Such is life.

  2. Our thoughts are very similar. I thought Obama was done the first time around. I thought he was done the second time around. I was wrong on both counts. I’ve had to adjust my view twice so that it is an accurate view of reality. It scares me though. I was sure that this election would be a landslide. It scares me because I view of the world was not a realistic one, so therefore I have no way of knowing if my current view is realistic.

    We differ on one thing. I’ve never thought much of Christie beyond his ability to slap the media and whining unions in the face with his fiscal conservatism. I think even less of him now.

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