Should Bush be receiving more credit for OBL kill?

Some liberals are getting offended that former president Bush is receiving more accolades than President Obama for the death of bin Laden. Even Obama made it very clear in his self-congratulatory speech making the announcement.  He was crystal clear that he weighed the options, he made the decision, he flew the chopper in (maybe not that last part).  Listening to it, you’d think he did everything but pull the trigger.

But I think the gratitude toward Bush is justified. This kind of operation goes against every fiber of the liberal ideology. They are anti-every aspect of this. Had Obama operated strictly by his political philosophy, none of this would have happened. Terrorists would be on trial in NY, Gitmo would be closed, we would never have continued to use the info gained under Bush because it was obtained under “questionable” methods.  Obama and liberals were opposed to the Bush methodology of gaining intel for eight years. They derided his tactics his entire presidency.

Obama actually had to suspend his own ideology and assume the Bush ideology to get this done. I imagine it must have felt like forcing yourself to eat a spider.    In order to get himself to a place to make this decision, Obama had to channel his ‘inner Bush’.

So yeah, Bush gets the credit.


  1. Yep. It is amazing how this is such a campaign ploy for Obama.

  2. At least there is some consistency here. They’ve blamed Bush for everything else.

Any Thoughts?

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