Score one for religious bigotry

Fox News — School officials in Neptune Township, N.J., have bowed to the demands of the ACLU and will cover decades-old religious signs posted in the historic Great Auditorium.

Just so we’re clear.  If being in the presence of religious symbols and imagery, or hearing religious language like a prayer offends you, you are a bigot.  Why no one calls out these offended bigoted people is beyond me.

What’s even worse is this is all done in the name of “tolerance”.  What is tolerant about saying,

“Jack and Jane Christian, your religion is so offensive, that it cannot possibly be permitted to be visible by the public.  We must cover-up anything that could be even remotely mistaken for your religion.  Surely you understand that your religion so disgusts people that they cannot even stomach the sight of it for even a few hours for a graduation.  We hope you will be tolerant of other’s beliefs and keep it to yourself.”

How we have come to the point where one bigot can disrupt a 70 year tradition.  “I realize this community has been doing this for two generations, but now I’m here, so knock it off!”


  1. It is illuminating just how much they fear Christianity relative to other religions. They wouldn’t have been offended by Hindu symbols, for example.

  2. The fuller story, according to Fox News…

    The conflict began after the grandmother of one of last year’s graduates complained not only about the large white cross adorning the top of the buildings’ facade, but of the religious signs inside, and what she felt was a heavily religious tone to the ceremony, which included student-led invocations and the singing of Christian hymns, most notably “Onward Christian Soldiers.”

    As a Christian from a faith tradition (Baptist/Anabaptist) that highly values religious liberty, I would likely have complained about an overly religious tone to a public school graduation, too, based on the original complaint.

    Having said that, I think the ACLU went over the top on this one. If this is the venue they’ve been using, and the content of the graduation is not troubling, I don’t really get into trying to cover up possibly offending architectural edifices.

    Now, if there were another, more secular venue available, it might make sense to use that one, but IF they’re going to use this Methodist building, then I think it’s ridiculous to try to cover various architectural flourishes that aren’t part and parcel of the graduation ceremony.

    A question I have, though, is what if the school compromised and held a ceremony in this building one year, a Muslim-opriented building next year, a Hindu-oriented building, etc. Would you think that an acceptable compromise? A celebration of our diversity?

    That would be much preferable to me to covering over existing symbols.

    • John Barron says:

      There’s no reason to shuffle the location to different religious institutions. The community is nearly exclusively Christian. It is this bigot who is disrupting the graduation, I don’t cater to bigots.

      • So, would you be willing to attend a secular graduation in a Muslim or Mormon building with Muslim or Mormon hymns being sung, if you were in the minority?

        • If I went yo a school where the vast majority of people were of a faith other than my own, and the graduation were held in a venue representing that faith, and there were aspects of the ceremony which ran contrary to my faith, I would respectfully refrain from the aspects which I did not wish to participate in.

          I would not make demands on others at the event that they conform to my sensibilities. Those who attend the school know the procedure and can respectfully remain seated if others stand, or remain quiet while others sing.

          I don’t disrupt events just because now I’ve arrived. And if I claimed Mormon, Jewish, or Muslim, imagry be covered because I found it offensive or uncomfortable, that would make me a bigot. Just like the bigot in the story.

        • To further answer, if I were a resident of dearborn Michigan which is predominantly Muslim I could attend a civic event, like a budget meeting, or an official town function in a mosque and it would never occur to me to ask that things are covered up. Even if they wished to open with a Muslim prayer, I would not demand of the people that they stop just because I’m not Muslim, I would refrain from participating in the prayer and continue on with the function.

          • You wouldn’t even get inside the mosque if they knew you weren’t muslim and if they found out later that you had entered their sacred building… al akbar shish kebab!

            I think you like throwing around the word biggot because you think it makes you look cool, it really doesn’t. It just shows you are too weak to stand up for what you believe in.

            • Uummm. I have no problems standing up for what I believe. If you are referring to my stating that I would not demand other religious imagry, you’re wrong. I just don’t thing it is my or anyone elses place to demand others to cover up their images.

              If someone’s religious symbolism offends you, that is a sign you’re a bigot.

  3. My recommendation is to simply hold future graduations at other non-religious civic centers or auditoriums. I’m sure Christians wouldn’t be too thrilled about having their graduating family members in a ceremony inside an overtly Jewish synagogue or Islamic temple which had nothing to do with the institution where they went to school. Interesting to see what Fox-news considers newsworthy.

  4. Putting religion aside, this is history and should not be covered up. I mean what kind of message is a learning institution sending by denying access to historical material?
    Anyway, people should be concerned with much more worthwhile endeavours like science, mathematics and language.

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