San Francisco activists looking to ban circumcision

Some San Francisco activists are gathering signatures in an effort to ban the custom of circumcision of male infant babies in the in the Bay area.  If San Francisco passes this measure, it will be setting pace to become the most nannified city in the Union by following up their recent ban on Happy … [Read more...]

Bin Laden killed…maybe

This news brings both elation and frustration.  Of course this was a fantastic headline to wake up to.  After evading US forces for years, his time has finally run out.  Having been responsible for more than 3,000 American lives, justice has been served. Unfortunately, since he was 'buried' at sea, … [Read more...]

Corperations do not pay taxes

President Obama is still pushing to end the nearly $4 billion in tax breaks for the oil and gasoline companies.  ""These tax giveaways aren't right," says Obama, "They aren't smart. And we need to end them."  Now, either Obama is economically inept, or he thinks the American public is. Business do … [Read more...]