Bin Laden killed…maybe

This news brings both elation and frustration.  Of course this was a fantastic headline to wake up to.  After evading US forces for years, his time has finally run out.  Having been responsible for more than 3,000 American lives, justice has been served.

Unfortunately, since he was ‘buried’ at sea, the conspiracy theorists will be coming out of the wood work to cast doubt on whether it was actually him.  We will be subjected to decades of skepticism by the 9/11 truth movement, even long after he would have died of natural causes due to age. 

To a group of people who believe no incident is as it is reported, the media is government-run and nothing can be trusted, this will never end because we have no body to examine.  Right about now, there is a theory a-brewin that he is playing golf in Utah or somewhere using the witness protection program, or some such thing.

Perhaps the Trump-ers and the Truthers will get together on this one.  President Obama, who ordinarily spends too much time in front of a camera, made this announcement during Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice.  This was obviously because Obama is nervous about Trump’s potential run for president and needed to send him a message.

Remember where you heard it first, prepare for the ride folks.

Any Thoughts?

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