Government imposes political correctness on private business

For those of you who follow the news, the federal government has sufficiently pressured the US Patent Office to revoke the trademark for the NFL team, the Washington Redskins.  First and foremost I find it suspicious that these kinds of frivolous movements only take root in years when a certain political party seems desperate to retain what hold it has in government.

The name Redskins has been deemed racist by the political left, the white, elite political left. There was no clamoring or outrage spewing from American Indians on this issue until the national call to action by Democrats. In fact, outside the few activist American Indians who stand with the political left, the majority of them support Indian names as mascots.

Names are chosen for teams, not out of ridicule, but because they invoke images of honor, bravery, and strength.

Unfortunately, non – issues such as this are seized upon for the sole effort to show “how much we care After all, if white liberal elites don’t stand up for the poor, helpless, incapable minorities, who would?

So, unless the Redskins ownership fights this government attack on private property they will be forced to change their name if they ever want to make any money on merchandise. To what could they change the team name while still capturing the spirit of the history of the franchise?


  1. Any who really care about American Indians could show their concern by opposing government run health care, especially on Indian reservations. Changing names of sports teams does nothing to help those truly in need of help.

  2. Here in the PRM our two senators jumped on this bandwagon, while ignoring the 45% HS graduation rate among native Americans .

    Are you ok with letting folks take some attempts at new names.

    For the record, none of the NA in my family are offended.

    • I’d love to hear suggestions. The left is about platitudes and appearance. If they cared about the American Indian population, they’d address the alcoholism and drug issues, education and employment issues. Whether feelings are hurt is the very last issue that should be addressed for any demographic until every other problem is solved.

  3. Considering it’s Washington D.C.

    How about the Muckrakers.

  4. wiley16350 says:

    The original name of the team was the Boston Braves. Changing the name of the team to the Washington Braves would preserve the tradition of the franchise. The logo and colors could all remain the same. This would be an easy compromise, until the lobbyists start the fight to remove all Native American references from sports. I don’t agree the name needs to be changed, but now that people are constantly being told that the word Redskin is evil, people are starting to believe as though it really is, despite the fact that the majority of people only associate the word with the football team and have no experience of the word within a negative context.

  5. Given the success of DC gun laws bringing back The Bullets would be an easy start.

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