Progressives care… but that’s about it

As it relates to minorities, is this true: “[I]t is generally the progressive side of the community that takes time to point out and mourn the deaths in our urban streets, as well as work for systemic change to stop the violence.”?  I suppose one could argue this point, depending on what you mean by caring.  But I think more important than merely caring and working for change, is results.  Does the Progressive manifestation of caring and the systematic changes actually produce results?

Our urban American cities are plagued by poverty, unemployment, poor public schools, drugs, and violence.  These same cities have been in the political control of Democrats, and not much has been achieved by way of results.

If poverty is highest among blacks even despite all the “caring” and spending, what can you point to that has been a success?  27.4% of blacks are currently in poverty according to the U.S. Census Bureau, compared with 9.9% of whites.  Hispanics are no better off than blacks, either at 26.6%.

Poverty Rates

And what about the poor?  The number of people enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps) has risen by 50% in just the last four years alone with no signs of waning.  Let that sink in… 50%.

Food Stamps

Unemployment is also highest among minorities.  For blacks it’s nearly double that of whites at 13.2% compared to 6.8%, with Hispanics holding in the middle at 10%.

unemployment race

Hispanic unemployment

It also turns out that blacks make up 50% of all murder victims even though they only make up 12.6% of the U.S. population.  The only thing more tragic than the disproportionately high number of blacks being murdered is that nearly universally their killers are other blacks at a rate of 93%.

murder rates by race

So you go ahead and mourn, Progressives, while the bodies pile up and poverty proliferates.  With Progressives at the helm in big city governments no inroads have been made which actually produce positive results.  What we see is stagnation or the degradation of the condition of minorities while under Progressive rule.  For all the boasting about how much you care about minorities, we don’t seem to ever see anything more than lip service and promises.  But hey, at least you care.


  1. Results? Who wants results? Republicans can’t be blamed when there are results. Of course with results there would be no need to.


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