Lesson 1 – Everything Is Racist

Here’s a list of things that are racist, according to the Political Left.  Enjoy.


  1. Leftists are normally Demokrats, and Demokrats are the most racist political party ever. So they have to deflect attention from themselves and make people think conservatives are the true racists – all the while knowing they are lying!

  2. As your ONE .. lol. resident black follower, I am obliged to comment. LOL. I’ve combed through the list would agree none of the bullets themselves are standalone racism. I think racism is misdefined, misapplied and mishandled. It exists, in a certain scope and there are Biblical ways to overcome it. When it’s real it’s a scapegoat defense mechanism caused by a legitamate and understandable emotion like fear, anxiety or self-preservation. Just like any other sin. But the Christians of all races have enough knowledge and power to overcome this. The church should be known as an entity that overcomes fear, anxiety and self-preservation. The church simply getting along is more than enough evangelism to convict many souls. That’s why Jesus said that they will know you are mine by how much you love each other (John 13:35)

  3. According to the Left, all those things are obviously racist, but Kermit Gosnell giving preferential treatment to white women when he killed their babies is not. Check.

  4. Racist = anything opposed to the Democrat party.

  5. Ha! I think you pretty well nailed this one to the wall. Thank you sir.

  6. Oh yeah, I think you might have missed one.

    In my neck of the woods, firing school board officials who have allowed their county schools to sink so deep they cannot even issue High School diplomas to their students any longer is also racist.



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  2. […] remember that according to the Left, all of these things and more are obviously racist, but Kermit Gosnell giving preferential treatment to white women when he […]

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