Open Thread — Silent on Gosnell

LS Gosnell

As it turns out, the media (which has no bias toward political liberalism) is as silent on the Kermit Gosnell murder trial as pro-choicers were on my post asking the question as to whether he has done anything immoral with his “post-natal” abortions.


This screen capture is not photoshopped.  I took it at 8:50 PM tonight

msnbc no match


This morning I checked Politico, and like MSNBC, there are no stories even though it is the most searched for.

politico gosnell



The L.A. Times is also nil.  Strangely when I searched “kermit gosnell” it automatically searched for ‘kermit gosnell’ and ‘kermit gosnells’.  Neither yielded any results.

latimes gosnell


  1. I can’t track the silence back to the left supporting abortion, or to Gosnell’s race. I’m not sure why they aren’t reporting it, but rest assured, if someone put two in his head, you’d hear all about Kermit. You’d hear how he was such a faithful, church-going man, married for 30 years, two kids (or whatever), et cetera…

    Just like that pig George Tiller. They’d mythologize the man…

    Not that I support killing abortion doctors; I’m just saying. If that did happen (God forbid), that’d be the media response.

  2. Good thing to consider. Does the Gosnell case not meet the criteria for a “good” news story? Or even worthy of a low level staff writer mention on MSNBC?

    I don’t think his race has anything to do with the silence. I think it’s all about how bad this story is to the cause.

    • I agree with C2C, I think its ignored because it doesn’t show abortion in the moral neutral light they need it to be in to keep support high. If people on the fence or wishy-washy about it were to be exposed to the real picture, abortion would be illegal.

  3. mmmike917 says:

    It is only because abortion is legal that Gosnell was able to commit these atrocities for so many years.

  4. The media knows that he wasn’t just some rogue abortionist who would be safe to report on. They know he is just as evil as all abortionists.

  5. Yep, the media is leaving it alone because it would expose the industry for what it really is, and the LEFT doesn’t want that. It wouldn’t surprise me if we later learn that Planned Parenthood was paying off the media to keep it quiet.

  6. The question the left doesn’t want asked is this: How many Gosnells are out there?

    Not just abortion doctors. How many kill babies after they’re born? Being born is what all the pro-aborts agree makes someone “a person” worthy of protection, even if they disagree on certain prebirth stages.

    Gosnell murdered (by any pro-choice person’s definition) 7 babies that we know of. How many more across the country get murdered? And how would knowing that number change people’s opinion of the practice of abortion?

    They must keep this quiet. This is the most clear cut example of media bias I’ve ever seen. If a doctor was on trial for murdering seven alzheimer’s patients instead of “unwanted” infants, we’d hear all about it.

  7. And how old were the 7? Were they 7months old fetuses? If this case were on any news outlet that has any large audience, would it make people think about what the difference is between a fetus and a born baby? Why is this man being charged with murder, when killing an older fetus inside the womb isn’t murder?

    So many things this case brings to mind IF YOU HEAR ABOUT IT!


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