Waiting periods: Tattoos vs. Abortion

A new regulation on the body art industry in Washington D.C. would require a 24 hour waiting period before getting tattooed. (Washington Post) -- A mandatory 24-hour waiting period is among the provisions included in a 66-page package of draft regulations governing the “body art” industry released … [Read more...]

NALT Christians (The Bible and Homosexuality)

It doesn't really surprise me that there would arise a movement in the professing Christian community who would side with anti-God, anti-Christian, anti-Bible activists.  How should we interpret a professing Christian organization who would align themselves with someone like LGBT activist Dan … [Read more...]

Are Blacks treated less fair than Whites?

A Pew Research survey polled people asked people whether they believed Blacks are treated less fair than Whites.  Apparently most people believe they are.  I am prone to believe there are more isolated anecdotal incidents than wholesale unfairness.  But even in many of the cases, I don't think it's … [Read more...]

72% of Democrats, 83% of non-whites support suppressing the minority vote

For those on the political left, voter ID laws are a somewhat contentious subject.  The vocal liberals insist they are an attempt to suppress the minority vote.  For some reason it goes unnoticed that this implies minorities are either unable to figure out how to obtain a photo identification, or … [Read more...]

Trending now: #LetMyPeopleVote

I think it's a legitimate question: Who is prevented from voting who wants to and is legally eligible to do so?  Even voter ID laws are not as prohibitive as they're portrayed to be.  The political left suggests minorities have a more difficult time obtaining proper identification.  Why is that?  Is … [Read more...]

Double standards for men and women: drunk sex and domestic violence

Not long ago TV counselor Dr. Phil asked a question via Twitter which was quickly deleted: When I first saw it I didn't get the impression that he was implying it was OK to have sex with drunk girls (or that he was asking "for a friend").  I had figured he was trying to gauge public opinion for a … [Read more...]

Dude looks like a lady: Traitor Bradley Manning wants to be ‘Chelsea’

Bradley Manning, the man who divulged classified information to the website Wikilinks, has since disclosed his desire for sex reassignment.  You see, Bradley now wants to be referred to as 'Chelsea'.  Hey, whatever floats your boat, I guess.  But on top of his psychological disorder, he wants the … [Read more...]

Offensive words of the day: Citizen, Brown Bag

Yes, the terms 'citizen' and 'brown bag' are under consideration for being replaced in Seattle because they are potentially offensive.  In a culture where feelings are sacred and must not be violated, the natural consequence is to play 'six degrees of Kevin Bacon' with names and referent terms.  My … [Read more...]

How much government intervention should we tolerate?

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's attempt to ban large sugary beverages has been thwarted yet again by a state appeals court Tuesday.  Personally, I don't think it would do much to solve the problem he was targeting, but I suppose his heart is in the right place. (AP via Yahoo News) --  New … [Read more...]

The demographics of minimum wage workers

When the subject of the minimum wage does come up, we are told of all the people who try to support their families on such low wages.  Just recently, McDonald's was criticized for publishing a budget chart for their employees that included a second job.  What isn't mentioned by the critics of the … [Read more...]

The demographics of government food assistance usage

I expect this to be controversial, but draw your attention to the differences.  Blacks are twice as likely as Whites, and Hispanics are one and a half times as likely to use the food stamp programs and Democrats are more than twice as likely as Republicans. I'm asking my readers to speculate as to … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Zimmerman Verdict

I did not anticipate a "Not Guilty" verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman. It came as a complete shock. For months, I told people that the Left and their clapping seals in the news media would force Zimmerman into the cruel existence of a sacrificial lamb. This was a certain fate, for though a … [Read more...]

The reaction of those wishing for a Guilty verdict for George Zimmerman

Both during the trial and after the verdict was delivered, the reaction of those hoping for a guilty verdict was universal: The facts of the case were ignored. The only relevant detail being considered seems to be that a grown man shot and killed an unarmed teenager.  None of the witness … [Read more...]

Fuzzy history: Were blacks officially considered 3/5 human?

Not often, but often enough when discussing slavery or America's treatment of blacks and black slaves, someone will introduce the notion that they once were only considered three-fifths of a person, or similarly three-fifths human.  I'll be honest, when I first heard this, it sounded like something … [Read more...]

Republicans and Conservatives are more proud to be American than Democrats and Liberals

I'll try to contain my shock.  I was actually thinking about this while I was riding my scooter this morning.  I passed by a house which was flying the American flag and underneath, the Gadsden flag.  I said to myself, 'there's no way that's a Liberal', and that's said.  It shouldn't be so easy to … [Read more...]

Remember Independence Day

Take some time today to read and reflect on what America's Founders endured for the opportunity to begin anew.  They organized against their King that they may usurp his authority to reign over them and faced certain death for their actions.  Below is the Declaration of Independence.  In it, our … [Read more...]

Memorial built to nothing

If you ask the Atheists you encounter, many of them will tell you their atheism is a non-belief; that it's not a view.  Well, the American Atheists have had a monument approved and erected at a courthouse in Florida. I hope those Atheists who claim atheism is not a view or belief set see the … [Read more...]

Who is proud of Texas Senator Wendy Davis?

Texas Sen. Wendy Davis spent about 13 hours filibustering a bill which would prohibit elective abortion after 20 weeks and hold abortion facilities accountable for meeting otherwise basic health and safety standards.  In that same period of time, 1,796 babies lost their lives at the hands of doctors … [Read more...]

Liberal Bias?

No one likes to believe they've bought into a conspiracy theory, or are seeing things which simply aren't there, but sometimes the crazy people are right. If you talk long enough with a conservative like me about why our country is so far off the rails, I might tell you it's due to the educations … [Read more...]

Shameless self-promotion: Vote for me!

An online newspaper for one of the local towns in my area is holding a contest for the best photo from the fireworks.  The winner gets lunch for two at a local restaurant.  Photo number 1 is my wife's photo.  (LINK HERE) Voting ends todaybat noon. Just puttin' it out there... draw your own … [Read more...]