The mandate IS a tax…probably

The Supreme Court's majority ruling that the mandate portion of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare is in fact a tax thus making the healthcare law constitutional despite the President Obama, his administration, and fellow Democrats insisting otherwise.  The buzz around the blogosphere is that of … [Read more...]

The Bible Is Just An Old Book

The Bible is a very old book.  Or more accurately, a collection of old books.  This is a common complaint leveled at Christians in order to undermine the veracity of their theological claims and moral admonitions.  It has been charged that Christians get their morals and beliefs about God from an … [Read more...]

Arguing Against The Existence Of God

When I posted Atheism as a lack of belief (and reason) I waited with the anticipation of a lil' kid waiting for morning to see what Santa had brought.  Needless to say, I received the equivalent of coal in the stocking.  In fact, I am regularly disappointed when an Atheist finally does try to argue … [Read more...]

Government Spending Fails To See Results…Again

( -- Despite an unprecedented increase in federal anti-poverty spending, the national poverty rate has not declined, the [Cato Institute] study finds. “[S]ince President Obama took office [in January 2009], federal welfare spending has  increased by 41 percent, more than $193 billion … [Read more...]

So Many Scholars, So Many Believers

People who are passionate enough about an issue to debate it use many different arguments to make their case.  Obviously some arguments will be better than others.  What we all try to avoid when debating an issue is misunderstandings -- clarity before agreement.  Sometimes we aren't clear when … [Read more...]

If Good Evidence For Your God Exists, Then Why…

We all know people who hold their views for reasons we see as vacuous (See: Emotional Problems, The Price Of Tea In China).  Even people we would consider otherwise intelligent.  I'm going to pick on skeptics here because, by and large, they claim to hold the intellectual high ground when it comes … [Read more...]

At What Point Is An Answer Not An Excuse?

I would say the most frustrating facet of debate with others is the constant rehashing of previous subjects.  I have often wondered if it's worth putting in the effort.  Over the years-decades-millenia Theists and Atheists, for instance, have debated the same issues, with the same arguments, with … [Read more...]

The Bible Says So

'Because the Bible says so, that's why!'  I can understand the frustration of the skeptic when he encounters a Christian defending his beliefs like this.  It frustrates me too. Why would the Christian expect the skeptic to grant the Bible the same level of authority as does he?  Regardless of how … [Read more...]

It’s the Dad Life

Happy Father's Day! … [Read more...]

The Week In Review

OOPS! It turns out that the studies reported by gay-family advocates were deeply flawed and actually misrepresented the facts: ( -- The review by Dr. Loren Marks from Louisiana State University finds that much of the science that forms the basis for the highly regarded 2005 official brief … [Read more...]

The Bible Is Full Of Contradictions…

Or so says the skeptic.  The argument that the Bible is replete with inconsistencies and contradictions is not a new one (See: Please Pass The White-out).  But a seemingly innocuous discussion with my wife made me think back to all the arguments with skeptics on inerrancy I've had.  Every discussion … [Read more...]

Out of the frying pan and into the fire

Back in February the retail giant J.C. Penney caused a bit of a stir by hiring Ellen DeGeneres as a spokesman for their stores with anti-gay activists because she is openly a lesbian.  In protest, boycotts were threatened because they believed enlisting DeGeneres was tantamount to "jumping on the … [Read more...]

Campaign Spending and Scott Walker

Republican Governor Scott Walker has successfully -- and quite handily -- defeated his Democrat opponent Tom Barrett in a union led recall election.  Not surprising Liberals and Democrats are already making excuses for their landslide loss.  The immediate narrative is the amount of money in campaign … [Read more...]

Are you a Real Atheist?

One critique of Christians and Christianity by skeptics is the variations within the religion.  Some skeptics refer to this as one's brand of Christianity.  I have also seen the phrase True Christian®, or Real Christian™ with the pejoratively placed trademark symbols.  I understand the point.  It … [Read more...]

Atheism as a lack of belief (and reason)

Vocal Atheists more often than not seem to be desperate to latch on to the [false] idea that atheism is best defined as a lack of belief (See: Not At All Lacking, Who Did You Say You Were Again?, I Don't Not Believe It).  It seems that they will relentlessly argue for that loose definition to no … [Read more...]