Are you a real Pro-Life Christian? — Some Christians will chastise other Christians who are pro-life when it comes to abortion but support the death penalty.  To be “truly” pro-life one must honor all life, even that of the capital offender.  What does the Bible have to say about capital punishment?

Does God talk to you? — I wonder about the people who make the claim that God speaks to them if they realize they are making rather significant claims.  When God speaks, His words carry unimaginable authority.  You are essentially a Prophet of God much like Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Moses et al.

Is the Bible’s definition of faith opposed to logic and evidence? Many people are under the impression that what the bible wants when it asks people for “faith” means a blind leaping suspension of rationality.  This isn’t what it says at all.

Is it reasonable to reject the Gospels as eyewitness accounts? Part 1 — When looking at the four Gospels, they are not four independent accounts, but really two accounts, with one of the accounts being rewritten three different times, (Matthew, Mark, and Luke). And this is important, because in proving something true, you want independent eyewitness accounts.

Is it reasonable to reject the Gospels as eyewitness accounts? Part 2 — The Gospels are not written as eyewitness accounts, rather as third person narrative, which is not the narrative of an eyewitness accounts. Additionally, considering that Matthew and John were written by their supposed apostles/disciples they should have been written in first person perspective but they weren’t, they are both in third person.

Is it reasonable to reject the Gospels as eyewitness accounts? Part 3 — According to both Christian and secular scholars, the Gospel accounts were not written during the time of Jesus. They were all written decades after Jesus’ death. Some scholars place one Gospel, John, in the early second century.

Is it reasonable to reject the Gospels as eyewitness accounts? Part 4 — The Gospels are not written in the native tongue of those who lived it or saw it.

Is it reasonable to reject the Gospels as eyewitness accounts? Part 5 — John was illiterate as reported in Acts 4:13, so there was no way he could have written the Gospel which bears his name.  It is possible, some say, that he could have dictated it.  However that is doubted by some literary analysts due to the literary and writing styles in Greek of both the Gospel of John and the epistles of John which vary considerably.  They read as though they were composed by someone of medium to high writing skills, not that of a peasant farmer/fisherman.

Is it reasonable to reject the Gospels as eyewitness accounts? Part 6 — The gospels themselves in their own writings, never verify authorship.  Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John were assumed names by Church History.

The “miracle” of Christmas — Christmas is the day the (virgin) birth of Jesus of Nazareth (God in flesh) is celebrated.  As we all know, claims of the miraculous sort are by definition extraordinary claims, and extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, right? But does it do us any good to require extraordinary evidence for extraordinary claims?

Is our culture becoming more or less moral? – Just an upfront question.  Do you think your culture is on the right moral path?

Christianity is not a conglomerate — I find it incredibly intellectually dishonest for critics of Christianity to lay at its feet the “sins” of other religious systems as though it bears the burden they rightfully hold.  Christianity is labeled hateful, violent, and intolerant.  However, having been a Christian for some time not, I’m just not seeing it.

Good people don’t do bad things – We often try to comfort and support someone who is trying to confess something they did for which they feel a great deal of guilt.  We do this by telling them that they aren’t a bad person, that deep down they’re just a good person who did a bad thing.  I disagree with this sentiment, here’s why.

God And Christianity In Early American Government – This post simply quotes and cites America’s earliest governing documents: Charters, State Constitutions and others which explicitly state that Christianity and Christians were intended to thoroughly influence the American enterprise.

Drew Peterson and the New TestamentRecently former police officer Drew Peterson was convicted of the murder of one of his wives.  The guilty verdict was reached based solely upon testimony — hearsay testimony.  This serves to demonstrate that not only is testimony valuable evidence, but even if by most judicial standards hearsay is too unreliable to admit, it isn’t unreliable by default.

My Concerns About Roman Catholicism Included are the Roman Catholic Church’s advocacy of earning salvation and the worship of Mary.

The Bible Says SoIs this response really unacceptable?  it shouldn’t be.

Does Pascal’s Wager Lead To Christianity? – Pascal’s Wager has long been criticized as being an incomplete wager saying it doesn’t take into account which God one should place their bet on.  But I believe the wager does implicitly point toward Christianity.

Over-reading The BibleIs it possible to look too deeply into what the Bible says?  I think so.  The Bible should be read in the vain with which it was written.  It doesn’t need to be deciphered and decoded.

At What Point Is Evidence Not An Excuse? – When people are passionate enough about something that they’re willing to debate the topic, they will often accuse their ideological opponent of offering excuses, not real answers to objections.  So at what point are we willing to concede that a bona fide answer has been given, even if we disagree with its substance?

The Days Of Old – In this post I explain my view on the creation account found in Genesis.  I would urge readers to also read the comment section as well.

Killer RobotsDoes God kill innocents, has He ordered the killing of innocents?  Even if we grant that innocents were killed at the order of God, does it even matter that they were innocent?

That’s Just Your Interpretation! – Does this discussion-ending challenge have any substance behind it?  What is it intended to accomplish?

Speak Your Mind, Literally Many people, Christian and Skeptic, tend to think whether the Bible is interpreted “literally” is an all or nothing proposition.  Either it is all literally true, or it isn’t.  Is this view a reasonable imposition on the Bible’s interpretation?

[In]tolerance And Religious Freedom – The September 11th Memorial at Ground Zero is set to open, and a cross fashioned from steel girders is causing a stir.  Some people believe the Memorial should remain religiously neutral; and in the name of religious freedom, the cross should be removed.  Is there anything wrong with this view?

Some Sin Required – It would seem that if man has even a semblance of free agency, then at least it is hypothetically possible for a person to never sin.  If this is even true in principle, would that mean God would have to compel this potentially perfect person to sin?

Are You A Real Christian? (This Is Not A Test) – How can you tell if someone is acting like “a real Christian”?  In this commentary I note a blog whose author thought it was very unChristian to take a biblical stance on sin.

Just Where Do You Think You’re Going? – Do people really only go to hell because they don’t affirm the correct religion?

Six Of One… – What can prior mythologies being true or false have to tell us whether the accounts of Jesus are true or false?  Nothing.  We do not determine the veracity for one story by investigating another.  We must examine each claim and assess them on their own merits.

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid – “You only believe in God because you’re afraid of hell” is an objection some skeptic make.  Is it true?  But more importantly, does it matter?

Speak Now, Or Forever Hold Your Peace – How do you handle the situation when a person passes away and someone says something implying the deceased is in heaven, but you have reason to doubt that?  Should you voice your doubt?  Is remaining silent seen as tacit agreement?

Reconciling The Circularity – Is attempting to reconcile what appear to be discrepancies in the Bible an implicit admission that inerrancy is presumed and a circular argument?  Maybe, maybe not.

What If You’re Wrong? –  How important is it to you to be part of the “right” religion?  How much doubt would you say that you have about your religious beliefs?  What if you are wrong?  What consequences do you foresee if you have chosen incorrectly?  These are questions which should be asked and answered by everyone, regardless of worldview.

Dear God, – A little girl wrote a letter to God about her dog that died.  A few days later she received a response.  Is it a good idea for adults to respond to letters addressed to God?  What ramifications, if any, could this have on one’s future trust in God?

Please Pass The White-Out – What does the inclusion of “inconsistencies and contradictions” actually mean for the reliability of the Bible? Why would inconsistencies and contradictions be continually included over the centuries?  It may actually speak more to what we don’t know than to what they didn’t.

Independence Anyone? Some skeptics dismiss the Bible because its authors were biased in favor of its message.  They demand to see independant sources for the message of the Bible.  Why is this request misguided?

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid – Is the fear of hell a good reason to believe Christianity?  That depends on whether hell is real.

Here Come Da Judge – Most people misunderstand the all too often misquoted “judge not” passage, but Christians have no excuse.  Do Christians have immunity from moral judgement on their behaviors by fellow-Christians?

Eeny Meeny Miny Moe – Is the Christian who does not advocate for the death penalty for practicing homosexuals or adulterers as described in the Old Testament simply picking and choosing which biblical passages they follow and which they don’t for their own convenience?

Speak Your Mind, Literally When someone asks: do you take the Bible literally?, how should you respond? Is a yes or no answer sufficient?

Independence Anyone? – Skeptics sometimes dismiss the New Testament because it cannot be considered an independent source.  However before there was a New Testament there was just The Gospel According to Mark, The Acts of the Apostles, and Paul’s letters to area believers.

Try Some Of My Jesus – Should Christians market Jesus as the way to a better life?  Is there a cross-shaped hole in your heart that needs to be filled?  Witnessing to skeptics by claiming that Jesus is the answer to life’s problems is the wrong approach, and sets someone up for a big disappointment.

Objection Overruled – Should the testimony contained within the Gospel accounts be rejected because they would be disqualified to stand in a court of law?  Are the Gospel accounts hearsay, if so, does it matter?

Yes,But What If… – Alternate explanations to a claim is not refutation of a claim.  In order to give credence to the alternate explanation, we must have reason to accept it, otherwise we are arguing from speculation.

Not A Shred Of Evidence – This is a claim skeptics make for the existence of supernatural events.  Unfortunately, this is a very subjective objection.

Just Where Do You Think You’re Going? Does God really send people to hell just because they have never heard of Jesus?

Put Your Hands UpSkeptics claim the authors of the New Testament were too biased in their view of the events they record to the point where we cannot consider their records reliable.  Were the authors biased, and what does that mean for the texts?

Where’s My Stuff?What does the Bible have to say about prayer?  Is unanswered prayer a liability for the Christian’s belief God exists?

Experiment In The Reliability Of The Gospels Are the Gospels accounts full of contradictions?  Read why a difference in perspective is different from a contradiction.

It’s To Die For The earliest disciples were martyred for their beliefs, but so are others from different religious systems.  What makes the earliest Christian martyrs different?

Oh, The Humanity How can a morally good God allow such evil?  What should He do about it?

Don’t Come A-Knockin’ “Don’t you try to force your religion on me!”

Fortune Cookie Bible Many Christians find comfort in Bible passages assuring them of the promises of God.  However, not every promise is yours for the taking.  Read here why some of the most common promises claimed by Christians are not theirs for the taking.

Essentials Of Christianity, Part 1 What does it mean to be a Christian?  Can anyone just lay claim to the name?

Essentials Of Christianity, Part 2There is a minimum set of beliefs one must hold in order to be a Christian.  What is required, what is negotiable, and why does it matter?

Finders Keepers Did America’s Founders intend a truly secular non-religious Government?  Find out why the common understanding of Jefferson’s oft quoted separation of church and state is just that, a common misunderstanding.

The Unworthy Manner What does it mean to examine yourself to participate in communion?  What is the unworthy manner Paul is talking about?

Laying Down The Law Are Christians obligated to keep the Law?  What is the relationship of the Old Testament to the New Testament Christian?