Forcing your view: Everyone does it — If you are vocal on what you believe to be moral or political issues, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard someone tell you that you shouldn’t try to force your vision on them — especially through the process of enacting laws.  Well, aside from this being a self-defeating position, it’s also unavoidable.

Karma —  Getting what one deserves, the cosmic justice from the impersonal punishing people for one’s selfishness, thievery, etc.  As with many New-Agey Eastern mystical beliefs, the popular conception of Karma isn’t interjected with much deep thought.

Is our culture becoming more or less moral? – Just an upfront question.  Do you think your culture is on the right moral path?

According to the Qur’an, the Qur’an is false – Within the Qur’an are descriptions of the way Muslims are intended to view the Bible.  The Qur’an, however, offers an argument in favor of taking the Bible and not the Qur’an as the true word of God.

The freedom to offend religious sensibilities – When it comes to offending religious adherents most people tread lightly when Islam is involved.  However, it is imparitive that we not capitulate to Muslim demands for restricting “offensive” speech.

Mormons at the door – My experience of the first of a few interactions with Mormon missionaries who came to my home to evangelize.

Mr. Potato Head Religion – A brief response to Jeffery Small’s article featured on in which he suggests we adopt different doctrines from the world’s major religions.

Musicians are still poor theologians – Cee Lo Green sang a version of John Lennon’s Imagine but altered the words to implicate that all religion is true.  Why is this well-intentioned alteration philosophically misguided?

Exclusively Inclusive – Making exclusive claims is not arrogant, and being inclusive does not make you noble.  Holding inclusive views places you in the predicament of either holding a false worldview, or lumping yourself in with those you are opposing.

Cyanide, Aspirin, And Breath Mints – Some skeptics fail to differentiate between religions.  For them, their common “God-ness” is enough to view them as all the same and condemn them all for the actions of some.

Just One Caveat, Or Two, Or Three… – Is disagreeing with someone on religious or spiritual ideas offensive?  Believing you’re right and others are wrong, is not offensive.

Sometimes It’s Good To Hear Voices – Moral relativism serves more as a layer of protection from judgement than it does inform moral guidance for moral quandaries.

Haters, Haters Everywhere – The accusation of ‘intolerant’ has been increasingly bandied about as more controversial topics stand in the public spotlight.  What does tolerance mean, and are the accusations justified?

That’s Just Your Interpretation! –  Does this discussion-ending challenge have any substance behind it?  What is it intended to accomplish?

The Prudence Of “Islamophobia” – Is there any more reason to be more cautious of adherents of Islam than other groups of people?  Is the skepticism of Islam and Muslims justified?  Or is Islamophobia just that, an irrational fear of Islam?

Who Are You To Say? – Why are some people unwilling to judge immoral behavior as just that, immoral?  Does disagreement mean there is no objective moral standard?

Oh, The Humanity – How can a morally good God allow such evil?  What should be done about it?

Don’t Come A Knockin’ – ”Don’t you try to force your religion on me!”

Fanning The Flames Just because you have the right to do something, doesn’t make it the right thing to do.

Religion Is Peace? There is a misconception that all religions teach peace and love, and why this misconception is a dangerous thing.

According To Mormonism, Can Mormons Be Saved?It seems that if a Mormon were to follow the teachings of the LDS Church, they may find they have a hard time being saved.

Save Your Receipt – What happens when human value is determined by extrinsic qualities?  You had better be smart, productive, and attractive, that’s what.

Try Some Of My Jesus – What are the consequences of offering Jesus as a remedy for life’s problems?

What’s That Supposed To Mean?How do you respond when someone says, “That’s just your interpretation”?  Does the Bible allow for personal interpretations?

Counterfeit Truth – Religious pluralism, though sounds tolerant and true, actually offers a false sense of reality.

The Elephant In The Room – The blind men and the elephant analogy used to describe the true nature of religion and God is seriously flawed.  Though rhetorically clever, it argues from the point of view it seeks to refute.

Spiritual Atheism – Some people think of themselves as “spiritual but not religious”.  They tend to manufacture a deity with their own ideas as to what God is.  Ultimately subjectivising the attributes of your own God leaves you with no God at all.

Religion Is Peace? – There is a tendency to believe that religion — as an enterprise — is peaceful, and that anyone committing violence in the name of a particular religion (Islam) must be acting outside their religious teachings.  Is it true that violent Muslims are acting out of accord to their religion?

Do You Believe…Really? – A Pew Research survey, “Religion Among the Millennials” shows there are many people who cannot bring themselves to think people who hold opposing beliefs are wrong.  Has political correctness watered down religion?

Do Differences Matter? – The “Golden Rule” is often held up in order to show the similarities in different religion’s teachings blur the lines which separate them.  However it’s not the similarities that truly matter.