Smoke And Mirrors

I thoroughly enjoy reading points of view which are hostile to my own. For the entertainment value; to get an insight to what the "other side" has to say on an issue; and of course--blog-fodder.  One of the best sites for opposing points of view for me is the, it provides all … [Read more...]

Save Your Receipt

One headline stood out as I browsed the news online: "The Obama Administration Values Human Life More Than the Bush Administration Did".  This opinion piece from and written by Dan Amira compares the monetary values the different governmental agencies within the administration place on … [Read more...]

Who Did You Say You Were Again?

People generally place themselves into particular categories in order to self-identify with like-minded people who share the same worldview.  This compartmentalizing is helpful for discussion, it keeps us from having to lay out all our views from the outset.  While we all have the freedom to … [Read more...]

Eeny Meeny Miny Moe

There are two sides to the "Do you take the Bible literally?" challenge.  The first, addressed in Speak Your Mind, Literally, addresses the issue of differentiating between literal and non-literal Bible passages and identifying figures of speech apart from a historical or biographical narrative.  … [Read more...]

Speak Your Mind, Literally

Do you take the Bible literally?*  This is one of those questions like: have you stopped beating your wife?.  It is not sufficient to answer with a simple yes or no.  Although the skeptic usually objects to any clarification the Christian attempts to offer.  They generally interrupt demanding a yes … [Read more...]

Who Is The Monster Under The Bed?

Let's face it, God has ordered or actively participated in the deaths of millions of people, sometimes in what seems to be horrific ways.  God, as depicted in the Old Testament used Israel as a killing tool on multiple occasions.  Entire societies were laid waste at the command an alleged benevolent … [Read more...]

It’s Not So Bad

A pharmacy in Colorado accidentally gave a woman pills used to induce abortion instead of her prescribed antibiotic. It seems Mareena Silva was given someone else's prescription, someone with the same last name and a very similar first name. Silva had apparently not paid close enough attention and … [Read more...]

Independence Anyone?

When making an argument for Jesus' reported miracles and resurrection the first place most people will turn is the Gospel accounts.  These documents contain the majority of information we have on the person of Jesus though certain details can be found elsewhere.  Often when citing the Gospel … [Read more...]

Go Directly To Jail!

An Ohio woman has been sentenced to 5 years in prison suspended after serving only 10 days and 3 years of probation for a felony conviction for fraudulently enrolling her two daughters in a rural school district for which she does not live.  She admittedly used her father's address who lives in … [Read more...]

According to Mormonism, can Mormons be saved?

Do Mormons have forgiveness?  I mean as a Mormon following the Mormon scriptures--assuming for the sake of argument, they are true.  Mormonism is a works based faith, requiring obedience to a divine law in addition to a faith in the God which it claims. The answer is an astounding...doesn’t look … [Read more...]