Facebook Dialogue On Abortion

The following is a Facebook dialog between myself, a friend, and a few of "Angela's" friends.  I have changed everyone's name but my own.  It is rather lengthy but well worth the read to see how pro-abortion advocates elevate feelings and sexual liberties of the mother over and above the life of her … [Read more...]

The Poor Polar Bears

I generally will not comment on the issue of "Climate Change"--formerly known as "Global Warming", but was changed when it was shown the Earth is not warming.  But upon seeing this commercial I had to link to a few resources which provide information which has been summarily ignored by those who are … [Read more...]

Pregnancy: Won’t You Help Cure This Terrible Disease?

The ACLU is known for its support of all issues counterintuitive to our ideas of freedom, despite of their oxy-moronic name.  But in a blog post titled: Standing Up For Women's Health 38 Years After Roe the ACLU urges its supporters to keep their focus pointed in the crucial direction of keeping … [Read more...]

What’s The Dilemma

With the 38th anniversary of Roe v Wade on January 22 this year, the proponents of both sides of the issue came out to emphasize their apologetic for their side of the abortion debate.  This has got me thinking, why do pro-abortion abortion advocates get so heated?  Having listened to arguments they … [Read more...]

Objection Overruled

The Gospel accounts record the period of Jesus life where he allegedly performed miracles, was put to death, buried, and raised from the dead.  One reason skeptics deny the reliability of the accounts is they were not penned by actual eye-witnesses, but instead are hearsay accounts.  A case can be … [Read more...]

Yes, But What If…

For every line of evidence and reasoning a theist--Christian or otherwise--presents for God's interaction in the world (supernatural events), there is a skeptic offering an alternate interpretation or explanation.  This alternate explanation is generally viewed by the skeptic as a reason to reject … [Read more...]

Not A Shred Of Evidence

What do skeptics mean when they claim to reject theism because "there isn't a shred of evidence" for the existence of God or miracles?  Could it be that all humanity who has held to some conviction God exists, all did so without having any evidence their convictions were true?  I am not arguing that … [Read more...]

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

In the previous article titled: You Are What You Eat, a woman who consumed rat poison which is believed to have led to the death of her 3 day-old child was discussed; and the implications surrounding the pro-abortion argument that "it's a woman's body...".  One commenter raised this concern:  "car … [Read more...]

You Are What You Eat

Indianapolis police are investigating a case of a 34 year-old woman who consumed rat poison a week before giving birth to a child who died 3 days later.   The woman could face murder or attempted feticide charges.  It is still unclear whether she was trying to harm herself or the baby.  Should this … [Read more...]

Just Where Do You Think You’re Going?

It's not right that people would go to hell just for not believing in the right God.  Put another way, a good and moral God would not condemn people to hell just for not believing in Him.  This is a common complaint against exclusive religious systems such as Christianity.  Have you ever made this … [Read more...]

Why Did The Atheist Cross The Road?

Why, so he could be offended of course.  The latest decision by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the war memorial cross at Mt. Soledad as it stands is unconstitutional.  "[W]e conclude that the Memorial, presently configured and as a whole, primarily conveys a message of government … [Read more...]

Don’t Take It Personally

If the Universe has a beginning, it must also have a cause, and I believe it can be argued successfully that both are true; which I believe entails  a personal immaterial cause; one which is un-mechanical and not determined by physical laws.  We know scientifically and philosophically the universe … [Read more...]