Put Your Hands Up!

One of the many bad arguments skeptics make against the reliability and authority of the Bible is that the authors were biased.  The fact that they were Christians disqualifies them from reporting accurately the events they record.  Is it true that we cannot grant credibility to the Gospels and … [Read more...]

Experiment In The Reliability Of The Gospels

In a recent entry in the Cross Examined Blog, the author decided to make a point about the reliability of the "contradictory" Gospel accounts of the resurrection of Jesus, and why they are not in fact contradictory.  Briefly, the main charge of skeptics of the Gospel accounts is the accounts … [Read more...]

It’s To Die For

What is so unique about the earliest disciples of Jesus being martyred for their claim Jesus was raised from the dead?  Many believers of various religious systems--Muslims for example--die and commit suicide regularly for what they believe to be true.  Christian apologists arguing for the … [Read more...]

Oh, The Humanity

When someone offers the objection to God's existence, or the existence of a morally just God by pointing to all the evil in the world and suggesting a morally good God who is powerful ought to alleviate it, has not thought the objection through.  I have most often heard it formulated like this: If … [Read more...]

Don’t Come A-Knockin’

Evangelism sometimes gets a bad reputation for having the appearence of "forcing" a religious belief on an otherwise religious or theologically satisfied person.  I suspect most people like where they are in respect to their religious beliefs and generally wish to stay there.  Evangelism can be seen … [Read more...]

A Burden The Hand

I think the obligation on who carries the burden of proof in any given argument is often misunderstood, particularly when it comes to religious claims, and the existence of God.  Well, who carries it?  Most people understand it is whom ever is making a claim, and it is.  It is easy, however, for the … [Read more...]

Try Some Of My Jesus

Just today I was thinking about a three-way conversation I had with another Christian and a skeptic.  To be honest, I had introduced myself into the conversation upon overhearing the subject; since I know both individuals so it was not out-of-place to interject.  The Christian was "witnessing" to … [Read more...]

No Means No!

McDonald's Happy Meals are in the news yet again.  A consumer group is suing the fast food restaurant on behalf of Monet Parham, a health educator for the state of California, in an effort to prevent them from using toys to "market to children".  The Attorneys claim that "Under the law, you don't … [Read more...]

77% Fact or Fallacy

A fair pay act is in the works and legislators in support are attempting to cite a statistic which I knew to be technically true, but functionally false. They claim that women earn 77% that of men and he pledged to end the disparity. The unfortunate thing about statistics is legitimate statistics … [Read more...]

The Complaint Department Is Closed #13

Understandably the images and ideas slavery conjures in our minds given our reference point of 17th century through mid-19th century America, shape and serves as a filter for our approach to the topic whenever it arises.  The manner in which American slavery was carried out was broadly speaking, … [Read more...]

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Every so often I hear someone offer an argument against belief in God that on its surface could be compelling, but once examined, actually works in favor of belief.  This happens when the argument is not carefully thought through.  This is not to say only Atheists or only those advancing ideas … [Read more...]

What’s That Supposed To Mean?

The common rejoinder to a biblical quotation which refutes someone's argument, "That's just your interpretation!" is the Custer-esque last stand when backed into a corner in an attempt to hold to a non-biblical position.  Rather than give up the non-biblical view in preference to the better … [Read more...]

Funny Thing About Surveys

I had read the headlines, and perused the blogosphere which boasted "Atheists know more than Theists when it comes to religion" in reaction to survey results released by Pew Research in a study called: U.S. Religious Knowledge Survey back in late September.  The results were broken into two parts, … [Read more...]

Counterfeit Truth

Anyone who regularly follows Sifting Reality knows how important I think it is to be accurate in the beliefs one holds; especially in the arena of religious ideas.  One's views on God are of ultimate importance.  If God is real, then it is highly significant who God is; what God is like; and … [Read more...]