The Elephant In The Room

I had been debating with myself as to whether I should provide my take on this particular analogy describing the world's religions.  It is not one I see referenced all that often, nor has it ever been offered to me for consideration by someone attempting to defend religious pluralism.  However … [Read more...]

The Complaint Department Is Closed #12

GII's twelfth complaint truly illuminates their lack of a desire to understand what it is they are criticizing; or at least they make no attempt to harmonize their complaints into a non-contradictory list. Proof  number 12: See The Magic This next complaint makes several of the same unwarranted … [Read more...]

What Gives You The Right?

The phrases "my rights are being violated", "God-given right", "human rights", etc. are used with great frequency, especially now that the TSA has adopted its Every-Citizen-is-a-Suspect policy. But what are rights? What rights do we actually have, and what makes them rights in the first place? I … [Read more...]

Prove It!

"Prove to me God exists!" is a challenge I regularly encounter in discussions with atheists.  Atheists are not the only group of people to offer this type of challenge, I also interact with Christians or some other adherent to another religious system who will also request of me to "prove my case" … [Read more...]

Bring back The USSR Now!

Is he serious?  Well, yes and no.  The governmental structure of communist USSR was a terrible thing, for the citizens of the nation and for the threat it posed to the free world.  People were victims of political oppression; those seen as potential enemies of the government were murdered or … [Read more...]

Who Needs Morality?

The debate between Theists and Atheists about whether  morality exists, is difficult to focus on due to the misunderstanding between the question "does morality exist", and "can an Atheist act in a moral manner".  The equivocation is usually made on the part of the Atheist, though I am not trying to … [Read more...]

Christianity…Is Unconstitutional

Those of you who follow news and politics on a national level are aware that the state of Oklahoma put on November's ballot State Question 755 for consideration by the citizens of Oklahoma.  The measure passed with overwhelming support, 70.08% in favor of amending the state constitution.  The ballot … [Read more...]

But How Much Will It Cost?

The trial of a Connecticut man convicted of the murders of a Cheshire family save one has brought national media attention to a state which barely makes a blip on the radar.  The most recent news is that Steven Hayes has been sentenced to death by a jury of his peers.  Most everyone has an opinion … [Read more...]

Unfit Parents

The Daily Mail, a British online newspaper, is reporting on a Christian couple who have been refused the opportunity to provide foster care to children due to their Christian convictions for taking the biblical stance on homosexuality.  It seems that the couple, during their interview was asked: “Do … [Read more...]

Spiritual Atheism

Having read and listened to the thoughts of many "spiritual but not religious" people, I have come to believe it is nothing short of self or ideological-deification.  No matter whether they profess to believe in God(s) or some higher power, the end is the same.  They ultimately extol themselves or … [Read more...]

The Complaint Department Is Closed #11

Continuing in my endeavor to respond to GII's 50 proofs, we arrive at number 11, which seems to be misnamed since the proofs (read: complaints) really are not scientific in nature.  There are references to GII's other proofs which act as the evidence for number 11 whereby making this really a … [Read more...]