Consensus Schmensus

The debate between science and religion and whether one disproves the other usually butts heads hardest in the area of "evolution", which encompasses multiple definitions (micro/macro etc.) and is routinely equivocated during the discussion.  The evidence is in, says science, man and apes descended … [Read more...]

The Complaint Department Is Closed #10

GII's 10th proof builds upon the flawed reasoning in the first and second proofs offered. The first of which is addressed in The Complaint Dept. is Closed #1, where they misrepresent Bible passages dealing with answering prayer by isolating the verses from their overall context.  Because of GII's … [Read more...]

The Fortune Cookie Bible

Considering my inquisitive nature, I tend to ask a lot of questions when political and religious topics arise in conversation.  It might surprise you but my most intense conversations are held with other Christians.  Granted I am usually responsible for elevating the conversation, but not … [Read more...]

Where’s My Stuff?

Since undertaking the task of responding to's 50+ proofs for believing God does not exist, I see a common theme.  There is an emphasis on prayers not being answered by God.  This complaint is present in at least 3 of the first 10 "proofs".  The complaint posits that prayers are … [Read more...]

The Complaint Department Is Closed #9

Proof  number 9: Understand Ambiguity The argument of "proof #9" is convoluted and, as a result, somewhat difficult to lay out. The basic idea seems to be this: Some prayed for events actually occur, and these events may or may not be caused by divine intervention. We have been unable to detect any … [Read more...]

Can You Feel The Love?

The news as of late has had the unfortunate burden of reporting on a string of homosexual teen suicide stories.  It is reported that persistent bullying of the teens had left them in such despair as to cause them to consider taking their own lives the only viable option.  Resulting from these … [Read more...]

The Complaint Department Is Closed #8

Unlike past Complaint Department articles, this will not be too lengthy, as even GII admits in its closing this is not an actual proof for believing God is imaginary.  Nevertheless, in keeping with tradition, GII's proof falls by the wayside rather handily. Proof number 8: Think About Near Death … [Read more...]

The Complaint Department Is Closed #7

GII's next attempt to show God is imaginary is actually an argument which, if valid, would show just that, or at least cause one to doubt. Up to now, the proofs, even if true would not prove God did not exist, but only that the attributes we assign to God have not been true. Proof number seven … [Read more...]

Not So Tolerant

Recently Fox Personality Bill O'Reilly made an appearance on ABC's day time talk show The View where discussion turned to the New York Mosque's proposed location.  I will not delve into the merits of the Mosque's location, my purpose is to examine the hidden conflict in Joy Behar and Whoopi … [Read more...]

The Complaint Department Is Closed #6

My name is William Occam and John has kindly allowed me to contribute an article to his blog in support of his ongoing battle against the website, “” Of course, my views are not necessarily John’s, and vice versa. We probably disagree about a great many things, since I am a … [Read more...]

The Poor Children

In the 2006 international education rankings, the United States placement in the standings was nothing short of pitiful.  In math, and science the U.S. ranked 27/33 and 22/33 respectively.  What could possibly account for this disparity from one of the world's most powerful and influential nations?  … [Read more...]

Unlock That Closet

Every October 11th (12th in the U.K.) is a day memorialized by homosexuals as "National Coming Out Day", a day utilized to encourage discussion of gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgender (GLBT) issues. Is a day dedicated to making known your sexual desires necessary, or even appropriate?  What does … [Read more...]

The Complaint Department Is Closed #5

To be sure, every list of arguments for belief that God does not exist, contains a few biblical passages that appear to be distasteful, or just down right abhorrent, GII's list is no different.  Before getting into the substance of the proof, I would like to address a few presumptions and rhetorical … [Read more...]

The Complaint Department Is Closed #4

Proof number four is similar in substance to previous posts in so far as it makes certain assumptions, specifically the assumption that God interacting with the world would look like magic.  That God, if he were to do anything, that He would not use a natural phenomenon to accomplish the desired … [Read more...]

Jesus “Art” Exibit Creates Outrage

In Loveland Colorado, an art exhibit is creating a stir over a controversial painting depicting Jesus in a sexually explicit context.  The skeptical sloganeers regularly cite how violent religion is, that religion breeds violence in its adherents.  Is this true, does religion promote violence?  The … [Read more...]

The Complaint Department Is Closed #3

After I had decided to take up the task of answering the objections of, I briefly paged through the proofs, and I had seen some which made me say to myself "Ican't wait to do this one...and this one".  Proof number three is one such of these proofs.  This is the argument that … [Read more...]

The Complaint Department Is Closed #2

The next installment of The Complaint Department is similar to the previous in dealing with the subject of prayer.  This proof deals with the answering, or rather, the not answering of prayers to God. Proof Number 2: Statistically Analyze Prayer The fact is, God never answers any prayers. The … [Read more...]

The Complaint Department Is Closed #1

Continuing from the initial article, I will explore and analyze the list of arguments for believing God does not exist from the website which boasts 50+ such reasons. I have decided to count up from numbers one to fifty. The list as compiled on the website does not appear to list … [Read more...]