The Poor Polar Bears

I generally will not comment on the issue of “Climate Change”–formerly known as “Global Warming”, but was changed when it was shown the Earth is not warming.  But upon seeing this commercial I had to link to a few resources which provide information which has been summarily ignored by those who are convinced.  It is not often you see such blatant propaganda in commercials.  Granted Nissan is attempting to sell as many Leafs as possible but apparently Nissan feels playing on environmental falsities is a better method of pitching their product rather than pitching the product’s own merits. and this search page from the same site reference resources on the issue.  Wintery Knight is updated throughout the day with political news and provides commentary and analysis from a Conservative Christian perspective.  This is a site I regularly check in with throughout the day.

These are links Wintery Knight sent along rebutting the assertions of someone who responded on my Facebook page:


  1. Commersials are commersials. Selling more cars in not going to help the enverioment, not even if they are a bit more enveriomentally friendly. But what is the major authority you think is able to overrule the UN report on global warming? There are flaws in the report, but come on, it was made by over 2000 cientists. There are bound to be mistakes in it. Do you actually think you have the knowledge to judge it wrong?

    I do not claim, I can evaluate the report, but saying and hoping it is not true does not make it false. What if it is true and we do nothing to correct the effects mankind is causing to the climate? How will the future generations evaluate us, if there will even be future generations? What if the IPCC report is false and all the pollution we are producing is not having an effect on the climate change? Should we just continue polluting the enverioment? I hope that you are right and we are not in effect causing rapid exeleration of climate change, but what if you are wrong? Can we really afford taking the risk, that a couple of thousand leading scientists are all completely wrong? How likely is it that they are actually all lying? Do you mean to say they have no scientific integrity? Why would that be?

    What does christianity have to do with this issue? Did your god not ask you to take care of the world and all living things in it? I thought that was somewhere in the bible. Did he mean, that you should burn all the fossilic fuels into the athmosphere and cut down all the rainforests?

    • The problem is there have been periods of warming and cooling long before SUVs and man. What caused it back then? In the 70’s the news agencies were reporting global cooling, that we were heading into the next ice age because of man. The point is warming and cooling happen whether we are here or not. In the US liberal law makers are using this issue to create restricting laws and taxes.

      I do not trust the UN to make informed decisions. They have shown in the past and with this issue that they will use it to attempt to have inustrialized countries tax themselves and give the money to underdeveloped countries. Its about wealth distribution.

  2. I think I can sympathize with your fear. It is of course not easy to accept that we western people are now being accused for our “pursuit of happines” in material terms. However, the IPCC report does not claim climate has not changed before industrial revolution. In fact there is sound scientific proof of that. It claims the pollution is making the change happen faster. Time is of the essence here. Neither we or the natural world are wery well adapted to a rapid change.

    It is not a hidden agenda, that many of the developing countries try to use this situation as a wealth distribution system. They have proper cause to claim that the industrialized countries are more responsible for the pollution of Earth. Is it wrong, that they would seek possibilities to even up the wealth in the world? Does that not fit in your religious wiev of the world? I thought that Jesus told the rich to give to the poor. Did not Paul even tell the rich give everything to the poor?

    I have heard some wild conspiracy theories in my time, but it is the most outrageous of them all, if you would claim that the scientists summoned by IPCC reported as they did, just in order to help out developing countries economically.

  3. Commenter Banned

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  5. Commenter Banned

    • For starters, there have been periods of warming and cooling for X-hundreds of thousands of years…all without filthy humans driving their SUVs. Just 25 or so years ago major news magazines and outlets were reporting the next ice age…and it was more polluted then.

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