Florida policy technically a success

A while back Florida instituted a policy this past July which required applicants for state welfare programs to submit to drug screening.  As expected, even before the ink was dry on the governor's signature of the bill, the ACLU had filed complaints that the measure was inherently racist.  … [Read more...]

The last supper

Texas death row inmate Lawrence Russell Brewer was executed last Wednesday.  His execution has caused quite a stir.  Not among anti-death row activists mind you, no, they were busy protesting convicted cop killer Troy Davis' (who had 12 courts uphold his conviction in a mass conspiracy) … [Read more...]

Cop killer Troy Davis executed

Convicted cop-killer Troy Davis was executed by the State of Georgia yesterday after 22 years on death row.  Anti-death penalty advocates are all a flutter over this man because of an alleged suspicion of doubt concerning his guilt.  According to the ACLU: "...the world watched Georgia take the life … [Read more...]

A peek behind the Foster Grants

NOTE: before continuing on, understand that I will entertain specific questions about subjects I omitted, such as "what do you believe about _____?", or clarifying questions like "what do you mean when you say _____?".  But I won't defend my positions here.  However, I would be glad to do so on the … [Read more...]

That’s Just Your Interpretation!

"That's just your interpretation!"  This objection to arguments either for or against religious assertions is bandied about by both religious skeptics and religious adherents who disagree on certain ideas -- as if it actually means anything.  This objection carries some widely held presumptions.  … [Read more...]

Cyanide, Aspirin, and Breath Mints

My experience teaches me that it is rare for a skeptic to differentiate between the religions.  Not for identification's sake, but in discussions of the real or perceived evils done in the name of religion, or by religious adherents.  This was especially true following the terror of September 11th.  … [Read more...]

Remember 9/11 With Your Story

I was 22 years old and still working as a Judicial Marshal at the time.  It was the morning shift and we were waiting for the prisoner transportation van to arrive to take the morning's arraignments to the courthouse.  I was still getting their property ready to be taken along with them.  I don't … [Read more...]

Remembering September 11th

A very moving and heartfelt speech by former president George W. Bush, one of his best. GEORGE W. BUSH, 43RD PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Mr. Secretary, thank you very much. Mr. Vice President, Dr. Biden, President Clinton, Mr. Speaker, members of Congress, my friends Tommy Franks and Tom … [Read more...]

The Prudence of “Islamophobia”

Leading up to and including this weekend there will be no shortage of opinions on both sides of the "Islamophobia" discussion.  There are many people still harbor strong emotions against the ideology that is responsible for nearly 3,000 deaths which rekindle every year on the anniversary of … [Read more...]

Do you want fries with that?

Some fast food chains are petitioning the government to allow SNAP (food stamps) recipients to use their subsidies in their restaurants.  Advocates such as Yum! spokesman Jonathan Blum are saying, "It makes perfect sense to expand a program that's working well in California, Arizona and Michigan, … [Read more...]

Give Me Liberty, And Give Me Death

I was listening to a semi-debate -- a discussion really -- about assisted suicide and assisted death, and whether there should be a legal option for one or both.  I think the distinction is an important one.  Generally speaking assisted suicide would be the aiding of a person to take their own … [Read more...]

Reinhardt Syndrome

I am glad to say that I have recently had the honor of having commenter Neil C. Reinhardt grace the pages of Sifting Reality.  At first, I was under the impression the comments were spam, since identical wording in a comment here I also read on the blog, fribnitsworld.  I just figured spammers were … [Read more...]