Jesus Scored A Touchdown…Maybe

Tim Tebow is known for at least two things: a curious football success and, being an outspoken Christian.  Tebow uses every opportunity to voice his Christian faith, and has at times caught some negative attention for it.  In response to former Denver Broncos quarterback, Jake Plummer's criticism of … [Read more...]

Matters Of Life And Death

(KMTR) -- Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber has imposed a moratorium on the death penalty for the remainder of his term, saying he's morally opposed to the capital punishment and has long regretted allowing two men to be executed in the 1990s... [A]nd both voluntarily waived their appeals. When I saw … [Read more...]

Bail Outs: Banks vs Students

The Occupy movement has voiced many concerns over its few month's existence, some legitimate but mostly selfish and idealistic, and in my opinion misguided.  Sure, the demands would certainly benefit individuals, but for the overall economy would be very disastrous.  One of the complaints of the … [Read more...]

Religion, Religion, Wherefore Art Thou Religion?

Some of my readers may have noticed that when I argue against certain social positions, I do not invoke God or religion.  More specifically, when arguing for the pro-life position, or against abortion; or against same-sex marriage, I do not make appeals to God, the Bible, or religion to do so.  In … [Read more...]

Exclusively Inclusive

Following on the heels of a previous post (See: Just One Caveat, Or Two, Or Three...) that recounted an interaction I had with a woman who seemed very uncomfortable with the idea that she thought she was being offensive by having an opinion on spiritual things that I did not share.  The discussion … [Read more...]

When Pigs Fly

Some of my readers may remember from part three of the Get A Life series, a syllogism that had been offered to me from someone defending abortion.  The following is the detailed version of the simplistic syllogism that was very loosely presented to me in the CARM chatroom by a regular who goes by … [Read more...]

Just One Caveat, Or Two, Or Three…

Sometimes people say the darndest things.  Well, conditioned to say the darndest things.  Over the past few decades or so, political correctness (PC) has conditioned people to above all else, not offend.  The implementation of PC has made for some strange conversations.  What's most silly about the … [Read more...]

Being poor keeps getting easier

(Reuters) - Cable companies will offer high-speed Internet service to low-income families in the United States at around a fifth of the national average price... Families who qualify for free school lunches will be able to sign up for $9.95 a month high-speed Internet services from top cable … [Read more...]

Injured That Way

(Dailymail) A  19st [approx. 266 lbs] rugby player suffered a stroke while training - and discovered when he woke up that he was gay. Chris Birch, 26, had proposed to his girlfriend and worked in a bank when he suffered a freak accident in the gym. He was taken to the Royal Gwent hospital … [Read more...]

Get A Life, Part 3

This is part two of a three-part series addressing three arguments made in defense of elective abortion.  Read: Part 1, Part 2 Since Roe v Wade arguments in defense of elective abortion have undergone an evolution.  The nature of this evolution has been one of retreat.  Elective abortion was … [Read more...]

[Get] Over The Rainbow

Many people believe Christians have a disproportionate focus on homosexuality and homosexuals over and above other sins, even other sexual sins.  As anyone who talks with Christians about morality will tell you, eventually, the focus will turn either to abortion or homosexuality.  When the … [Read more...]

Is Occupy movement really a ‘protest’?

The right to protest is a fundamental right.  Whether you agree with the subject matter or not is irrelevant.  However,  Zuccotti Park is private property I believe, so the owners do have the ability to expel the protests if they choose. Said someone I went to high school with in response to a post … [Read more...]

Hookworms, Mosquitoes, and Embryos

Defenses for abortion come in three varieties: medical, philosophical, and emotional.  The first two are fairly easily dealt with, even if people do not amend their positions.  The arguments are either true or false, sound or unsound.  The last however, is much more problematic.  Emotional arguments … [Read more...]