Is Occupy movement really a ‘protest’?

The right to protest is a fundamental right.  Whether you agree with the subject matter or not is irrelevant.  However,  Zuccotti Park is private property I believe, so the owners do have the ability to expel the protests if they choose.

Said someone I went to high school with in response to a post by another friend applauding this New York Post cover.  I think most people can at least sympathize with the initial motivation of the Occupy Wall Street movement, even if we fundamentally disagree with their assessment of the system they are decrying.

Unfortunately, I believe the lack of direction and atmosphere of general disdain for the haves by the have-nots has pushed this movement from ‘protest’ to outright disorderly conduct and breaches of peace.  The transition was practically immediate.  But there is a stark difference between a political protest and an angry mob on the verge of rioting.

So far multiple prominent politicians have thrown their support behind the Occupy movement, not the least of which is President Barack Obama.  This is not to say the president nor other (Democrat) politicians approve of the antics of the growing mob, and the destruction left in its wake.

Part of the problem is most of the antics are not widely reported.

The extra-curricular activities of the Occupiers exposes their anarchistic outlook.  This is not a protest, rather it is a mob of partially restrained hooligans teetering on the brink of full-fledged criminality.  The worst part of it all is Occupy is an angry mob operating under the guise of a political movement and it is going relatively unreported.

_____________________ has a running talley of incidents involving the various Occupy movements.  I have also been compiling the reports as I see them as well.


  1. Terrance H. says:

    Yes, yes. Here and there you have a select few degenerates causing trouble. But a small number when compared to peaceful protestors and you know it. I have videos on my Facebook page of the OCW PROTEST in my area and I challenge anyone to chronicle a single illegal or illicit act. There were none.

    The malcontents are the right-wingers attacking the movement.

    • Heres the problem T, the right-wingers held TEA party protests, and none of this happened. None of it. Not even a isolated incident. And Oakland has almost turned into a riot already, and Denver is on the verge. Your problem (libs in general) is you always want to look at some events in isolation. As in ‘Well, thats just one thing, thats just one thing, thats just one thing.” instead of seeing 3 things. This is a movement that is getting progressively worse.

      The incidents might even be somewhat isolated in their respective locations, but they are happening in most of the locations. It is behavior the mindset of the movement is producing.

  2. John, you’re absolutely right.

    The difference between the two is that the TEA Party wants to reform the system. The whole message of the OWS is that the system needs to be destroyed.

    Riots are almost inevitable.

  3. Terrance H. says:


    Nonsense. I bet if I tried real hard – as in Googling – I could find a few reports of Tea Party people being idiots.

    Riots? According to Fox, sure. The police, perhaps. In reality, no.

    They are isolated incidents, John!!!!!! And until you find me an article that says 30,000 people were out on Wall St. cuffin’ the camel, I’ll continue saying so.

    The people who do that sort of thing are attracted to leftwing politics. Big deal. It doesn’t mean there is anything fundamentally wrong with leftwing politics. They distort the intent and meaning of liberalism. Just like the Westboro fools distoet Christianity.

  4. John,

    Actually there was that one issue of the man stepping on that ladies head at a tea party rally. I don’t know if he was really part of the Tea Party but there were plenty that said he was. I’m not saying the Occupy Movement can be compared to the Tea Party Movement. There is no comparison so I won’t even go there. The Occupy Movement has far deeper reaches behind it. Anarchist, socialist, & commies don’t add up to a good thing. Being a liberal democrat is one thing but I doubt even they want to see this country destroyed. Well I guess it depends on how far left they’re leaning.

    • Ryan

      Thanks for the thoughts. But you can compare someone using force to detain someone who could be a potential threat to a candidate (remember the woman, who turned out to be a liberal activist) rushed Rep. Paul’s vehicle dispute being told to stop. President Reagan’s vehicle was rushed like that once, it was an assassination attempt.

      The occupiers are violent not for protecting others, but out of protest. They are fighting with police and each other. They are vandalizing property. None of this happened with the tea party. There were no arrests for disruptive behavior, no arrests for vandalism, public defecation, thefts, drug dealing, prostitution. None of it. Actually, the tea party rallies are actual protests in that respect. These occupiers nothing less than an angry mob.

  5. Here in Finland the Occypy Wall Street demonstrations (their local versions) have been peacefull. Yes, the demonstrators here are from the Green, Socialist or other actually leftwing people. Many of them are also rather young, but there are also entire families taking part on the rallying days. Of course people here have not lost their homes as a result of the bad economy politics like in the US, so in general people are not as “outraged” as in your country. Hence, the demonstrations have been very small indeed.

    On the other hand we have no Tea-party movement. I think, even our right wing parties would be counted as left wing by your standards. Maybe that is why.

    The most important issue about the OWS phenomenon was the fact that the media tried to ignore them totally in the beginning. It revealed that the so called free press are not actually free at all, but serve the purpose of the mega-rich who own them.

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