The political season is upon us

I would consider myself a political junkie. I have been for some time now. I really look forward to political ad campaigns: complaining about the ones with which I disagree, and nodding along with the one in line with my views. In fact I have to race my wife to the phone so she can’t hang up on a pollster!

I actually lament the fact that I live in a deep blue state. Not that I lean so far to the right I walk with a limp, rather swing states get the most attention from voters. My state is a given so I and my vote is put on the back burner. It’s a shame really.

I realize most people don’t share my passion for political discourse. But I often wonder how many do. Are you looking forward to the ads and calls? Do you avoid or engage political discussion? If you’re not one who wants to be inundated by politicians and their politicking, why might make you more interested?


  1. I don’t need – or want – any calls. I don’t care about the ads. None of that means anything to me. When it comes to other than the primaries, I don’t really pay attention because there are only two viable parties to choose from, and I will never vote for a Demokrat.

    • If I were to venture a guess as to why people hate politics, I’d say because it seems like you’re constantly being lied to. I voted for Joe Lieberman because I was not about to let Ned Lamont win. And I have voted for local democrats. I tend to vote party lines on a national level, but its primarily because democrats are the polar opposite of my views. I personally don’t mind voting g for the lesser of two evils.

      • I could never vote for Demokrats even on a local level, because of their party platform being for abortion, homosexual agenda (including same-sex fake marriage), sexual immorality in general, redistribution of the wealth – and every other socialist idea. Any person who is a Demokrat must support that platform, whether he is local or national. May as well vote for Karl Marx or Barak Obama.

        • Glenn, you’d be surprised how many people are Dems in name only because in their part of the country, Republicans can’t get elected. But I agree that local Dems don’t get my vote if they endorse the official party platform.

          • Sorry, but if a guy is so cowardly of not getting in without claiming to be a Demokrat, then I have no respect for him anyway. I have no respect for any member of the Demokrat party because by name they are supporting that platform.

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