How do you know when something’s racist?

Democrat cheerleaders have taken the line that criticism of President Obama is laced with racism.  We cannot discuss that welfare spending has skyrocketed, that’s racist.  We cannot discuss that the number food stamp recipients has skyrocketed, that’s racist.  We cannot make sure voters are who they say they are, that’s racist.  We cannot say Obama is running a campaign of division and anger, because saying Obama is angry is racist. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer pointing at Obama, yep, that’s racist.  Pointing out that Obama admitted to smoking marijuana and using cocaine is also racist.  Joe Wilson’s “You lie!” outburst, racist.  Amazingly, we cannot even refer to Chicago, that’s racist too.

I surely can’t catalog all the face-palmingly absurd examples of racial ultra-sensitivity on the part of the president’s supporters.  But in all seriousness, aside from the silliness of the accusations, it really does diminish true examples of racism.

I’d like to know how liberals who lodge the accusation of racism so frivolously determine when something is secretly racist.  Since they are the only ones who seem to be able to hear the dog whistle of racism coming from conservatives, I’d love to know how they hear what they hear.

So, how do you know when something that isn’t overtly racist is actually racist?


  1. Calling everything racist is almost as absurd as pretending none of it is racist.

  2. This discussion is racist.

  3. When the white majority in this country dips below 50% (it won’t be long), it will be interesting to see how the frequency and dynamics of playing the race card changes.

    • Yeah J. I wonder that too. But if the playing of the race card is still considered a viable option even in large urban areas where whites are a significant minority, and all policy is created by minorities (Detroit and New Orleans for example), why should we expect it to change for the better?

      • I don’t expect it to change for the better, but it also doesn’t bother me so much when folks claim racism. Between the 1600’s to 1965, American Indians, Blacks, and Mexicans were exploited and oppressed. I can see why they would still be sensitive just 50 years later. Hopefully time will heal those wounds and we can move on as a country, but 50 years of equality under the law is not much compared to 300 years of cultural, generational damage.

        • I’m not as sympathetic. People who were never enslaved are somehow holding people who have never enslaved responsible. Not only that, the burdens of the past are being placed on people with whom it doesn’t belong.

          Perhaps I find the offense in that only one set of white people are demonized: Republicans, and not all whites. That’s awfully backwards given the Democratic roots of racism and segregation.

        • You might have a point if the race card were played with equity.

  4. You are right that Republicans are disproportionately labeled as racist–but it is not really backwards as you say. Remember that many white Southern Democrats switched to Republican after the Democratic party supported the Civil Rights Act of 1964–bringing their racist ways and valuable voting bloc with them to the new GOP.

  5. People who were never enslaved are somehow holding people who have never enslaved responsible.

    …and yet you accept the stories of Adam and Eve and shoulder responsibility for their alleged transgression.


  6. Democrats are racist even today. They obviously don’t believe minorities can do any thing for themselves. How do you say it? They treat them like pets that need to be cared for.

  7. STOP IT!! This discussion is RACIST!!!!

    (Just playin’ it safe.)

  8. The real racists are those who keep calling Obama a black man or “African-American” (THERE IS NO SUCH PLACE AS AFRICA-AMERICA!).

    They totally forget – or shall I say don’t want to mention – that he is as much a “white” man as he is a “black man.” He is of mixed parentage. But they don’t want to claim the “white” side. THAT is racist.

    • Well, Obama himself identifies as black, and he looks more black than white.

      • That’s the point – HE is racist and wants to call himself a black man but skin color doesn’t matter. HE is still half-white, so why can’t we call him a “white” man? Because that would be “racist.” Yet he wants to pretend his white half is non-existent – he is ashamed of it. And the media wants to make him a poster-boy for blacks, so they are also racists.

  9. Resident racist liberal Toure has the answer, how timely:

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