Sadly, this is how many people think about politics

It goes without saying that the Simpsons show leans left when it covers politics.  It doesn’t bother me, I’ve come to expect it from television.  But what I find so sad is that there are voters out there who think in a similar fashion to Homer in this clip.  Regardless of which candidate for whom they eventually cast their ballot, their decision process is based almost exclusively on superficial extreme parodies of the candidates themselves.  I talk to these kinds of people all the time, they do exist, and they’re allowed to vote.

I have always believed that politics and religion are the two areas which [should] hold the most significance in your life.  What you believe about religion and politics will usually be what shapes who you are the most.

So even though Homer eventually voted for the right person, his reasoning for doing so lacks a certain sophistication.  Take some time and think about the candidate you’ll vote for.  Consider what it is about that person that makes them deserving of your vote.

Food for thought: God is a Republican: (Ecclesiastes 10:2) — A wise man’s heart directs him toward the right, but the foolish man’s heart directs him toward the left.  Just sayin’


  1. I think Romney has been a bit more exemplary of Ecc 10:1: Dead flies cause the ointment of the apothecary to send forth a stinking savour: so doth a little folly him that is in reputation for wisdom and honour.

    I think you’re right though. Many (very possibly most) people are uninformed, gullible or closed-mineded. At best, they lack the education to even grasp the concepts. All that having been said, this isn’t a knock on the voters, it’s a knock on the system. The fact that people are fixated on outward appearance, sound bites, and identity politics is the fault of the politicians and the media.

    This does come down to values. In terms of economics, you have big government, big spending, corporate control either way. The difference is in values. If you oppose rights for women and gays and oppose the teaching of modern science, then vote Republican. If you value equal rights for all and progressive education, then vote Democrat.

    • And Jason, you’re part of the propaganda problem. No republican is against equal rights for anyone, nor do they oppose science. Liberals, such as yourself, have redefined what “equal” means. You seem to think equality means having all your political desires capitulated to. And Republicans by and large are operating on the ordinary definition, that everyone plays by the same rules.

  2. I think that clip makes fun of the left and the right. Those who are anti-science can span Republican and Democrat. I don’t think you can say “no republican is anti-science”. Such a broad statement strains credulity. The problem with republicans these days is that their vocal “small government” stance reveals a disturbing trend: being anti-democracy. There is a hint of this in your post here: “even this guy is allowed to vote”. Are you suggesting that not everyone be allowed to vote? That only “reasonable people” as you define it be allowed to vote? That is not the modern view of democracy. Perhaps this is the Republican “hidden agenda”: only people of a certain wealth, class and religious belief be allowed to vote. That’s certainly going back to the “old days.” Your other recent post with Humpty Dumpty reveals this thinking also: identifying poor laws as a “problem with government”. Poor laws will be passed when the electorate elects leaders who pass such laws. The problem is not government, it is the electorate. One way to escape from having to deal with an electorate that passes poor laws is to shrink government into an ineffectual system so that the rule of law no longer applies. That might produce good results in the short run, but in the long run it’s a disaster. Just like appointing that “benevolent dictator” who agrees with you. It may work for a little while, but I’ll throw my stock behind democracy every time, perfect laws or not.

    • Anthony

      Well, what I see is an attempt to make fun of both, but it seems the Obama mockery is thrown in for parody. Clearly Romney is the butt of the joke. But like I said earlier, it doesn’t bother me. They play to their audience.

      My biggest problem is the number of voters who are as superficial as Homer, if not moreso. It’s just a shame that there is no qualification for voting. You should at least have to know what the function of the branches of govt are responsible for, what taxes pay for, etc. This will never happen, for the same reason voter ID is so controversial among liberals.

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