If there’s no “Gay Agenda”, then why…

I have been told time and time again that there is no “gay agenda”.  I will concede that the average supporter of same-sex marriage is not an activist pushing an agenda.  But it’s difficult to believe this agenda doesn’t exist when middle school students are inculcated with what appears to be the curricula of the non-existent agenda.  Consider a sampling of posters sponsored and approved by the Toronto District School Board.

Homosexual advertizing such as these posters can only serve two purposes: 1) To provoke a response from anyone who objects in order to perpetuate the illusion that gays are under constant threat of being victims.  And/or, 2) to advertize a show of force, so to speak.

It has been my experience that gay activists make their living ensuring every homosexual believes they should be in constant fear of becoming a victim.  According to a UCLA study by The Williams Institute released in April 2011, an estimated 3.5% of Americans identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual which equates to approximately 10.5 million LGBT adults.  The FBI reports there were 1482 victims of hate crime due to sexual identity in 2009.  This translates to 1.6:10,000ths of 1% (.00016%) of all LGBT people were victims of hate crimes.  Sure, hate crime happens and every instance is a tragedy.  But it is not an epidemic and shouldn’t be marketed as though it is.  When hate crime is over hyped, your cause and those associated with it are seen as exaggerators, and credibility is diminished making your plight easily dismissed.  When you have the number of victims of the “target” population down to .00016%, I’d say you have the problem as under control as humanly possible.  So if this attention to homosexuality is to “raise awareness” of hate crimes, as some of the posters suggest, it’s nothing more than propaganda.

On the other hand, if this is a passive-aggressive show of force, it’s little less than bullying from the other side of the issue.  It’s almost a dare to oppose homosexual sexual relationships.  We all know what happens when someone voices opposition to homosexuality or same-sex marriage. They’re labeled homophobes, haters, neanderthals, fundamentalist bigots, etc.  Most people become uncomfortable in these kinds of situations and activists know this and rely on this unease.  When people aren’t prepared to clearly articulate their view on this subject, they tend to back down from the confrontation — and the debate.

I am inclined to believe this is a mixture of the two, and nefariously so.  Even if one were to argue that the poster campaign is an effort to combat bullying, it could be accomplished without introducing sexuality.  Bullying is bullying.  Remembering back to my time in middle school, this was never an issue.  Not because no one cared if gay children were bullied, rather, there wasn’t a culture of anti-homosexuality.  And there wouldn’t be now if there wasn’t such aggressive activism.

Targeting middle school children is, of course, an orchestrated attempt to mould the children while they’re impressionable.  Even now, my kids think my teachers know everything — or else they wouldn’t be teachers, right?

I actually find the tactic offensive and unethical.  They have a captive audience, and in most cases where this kind of material works its way into schools, students must participate and parents are not notified.  The school takes advantage of their authoritative persona to “educate” the children to believe the right view — the activist’s view — on matters of homosexuality and same-sex marriage.  It’s common, in my experience, that people who would support this kind of indoctrination believe the ends justify the means.  It doesn’t matter how you get to the “right” view, as long as you get there.


  1. There is a gay agenda – equal rights and anti-discrimination. Anti-gay activists are just as wrong as anti-black activists were in the 60s. Children are rightfully taught that racism and sexism are wrong, and they’re now, slowly but surely, being rightfully taught that discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender orientation is equally wrong.

    Before you try to diminish discrimination against gays, remember that they are ALL discriminated against when you deny them recognition for stable and loving relationships. And before you diminish the abuse, look at the faces of these kids who killed themselves because of anti-gay bullying. Some may not even have been gay, but some will bully even those they perceive to be gay.

    If you’re so against targeting middle school students, why don’t you police your own?
    “As with all (Child Evangelism Fellowship) ministries, the purpose of Good News Club is to evangelize boys and girls with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and establish (disciple) them in the Word of God and in a local church for Christian living.”

    • That’s just noise. Gays have equal rights already, what they don’t have is endorsement, that’s a big difference and I’ve refuted the second class citizen propaganda before.

      The problem with your example of a christian poster is no one gets punished and forced to undergo diversity training if they disagree with or think Christianity is false.

  2. “no one gets punished and forced to undergo diversity training if they disagree with or think Christianity is false.”
    Christianity is in the mind of the beholder. That’s why there are Lutherans, Methodists, Episcopalians, Mormons, Jews, and Atheists, to name a few. If Christianity means gays are worthy of public scorn, ridicule, ostracism, and denial of public services, then someone might get punished thinking Christianity is true. I’ll be attending a very Christian gay wedding this December. No one is looking for diversity training for welcoming Christians, except anti-gay Christians. So the issue is about discrimination, not about Christianity.
    I admit it’s a very interesting issue. Kids are being told to accept gays, or more specifically, they’re being told to accept youth that don’t conform to traditional gender norms. Parents might have to parent their kids rather than having schools do it for them. But this is the challenge parents will have when they teach their kids to discriminate against people. Hopefully we can all get along. And just maybe we might find common ground to reform schools on the basis of consumerism, fast food, and other blights on our children.

  3. “That’s just noise. Gays have equal rights already, what they don’t have is endorsement, that’s a big difference and I’ve refuted the second class citizen propaganda before.”

    That ^ is just not factually true so I am guess your refutation was both irrational and a failure. See Loving v. Virginia where the supreme court held that marriage is in fact a right (drawing from both the fourteenth amendment and pursuit of happiness). Consider how one’s sexual orientation can and is used to discriminate in matters such as hiring or insurance. There is no gay analog for affirmative action so such discriminations are not regulated. It is true that the gay community is not economically disenfranchised as many other minority groups but they are certainly not treated equally.

    “Remembering back to my time in middle school, this was never an issue. Not because no one cared if gay children were bullied, rather, there wasn’t a culture of anti-homosexuality.”

    Right….I counter your highly anecdotal evidence with a famous example: Matthew Larame. If my parents can remember gays being bullied in middle school there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to.

    “The problem with your example of a christian poster is no one gets punished and forced to undergo diversity training if they disagree with or think Christianity is false.”

    Wrong, if someone starting shouting about how christians are evil and bullied christian students about their religion they would be punished. Anytime hate is expressed without rational basis is should be punished.

    As for the posters themselves if you can look at the them objectively you will see that they are simply trying to make people comfortable with the queer community and establish a bullying free environment. These signs target hate as a whole not just hate crimes and nowhere do they attack, passive aggressively or otherwise. I am uncertain if you take issue with a safe school environment or just one that is safe for the queer/gay community but either way you should be able to see the value of such a thing. If students are bullying other students they should be made to feel uncomfortable with their hateful actions. So if you feel this demonstration of acceptance and love is somehow harmful to you I can only suggest you re-examine why you hold the beliefs you do. We are all entitled to our opinions but we are never entitled to hatefully express them, certainly not in public schools.If you feel victimized it is not because there is some negative aspect of this campaign targeting you its because bigotry will no longer be accepted.

    • https://siftingreality.com/2011/05/26/authorized-personel-only/

      You seem to be unsure of what equality means.

      I also find it vacuous to claims discrimination in hiring and then admit that gays are not very bad off financially. I have read that the annual income of the average homosexual is higher than the average income of the average American.

      Its nice that you want to dismiss my position without even knowing what it is, but maybe you’ll spend some time browsing the samesex marriage tab at the top of the page to learn my arguments before casually dismissing me.

    • Oh, and activist Dan Savage has made a living spewing hate at Christians and Christianity and has made a very good living at it. He is cheered by the non religious for it. You see, its fashionable to discriminate against Christians. In fact they’re one of the only groups where its encouraged.

  4. I refer to the agenda as “The Agenda That Does Not Exist” due to the constant bleating about there being no agenda. Nonsense. And the agenda is more than merely looking for rights they already possess, but for rights they wish to establish regardless of the feelings of the rest of the country. Part of that agenda that doesn’t exist involves indoctrination of children to grow up believing that homosexual attraction is normal and no different than heterosexual attraction, which, obviously, cannot be true. It seeks to equate their “struggle” with the struggle for civil rights, because, they want to equate the disorder with race and/or gender.

    If schools want to address bullying, then posters with clearly pro-homosexual content are weak attempts to promote homosexuality under the guise of anti-bullying campaigns. I have no problem including homosexuality within the framework of an honest anti-bullying campaign, but the types of posters highlighted in this post, are not of this type.


    The posters and agenda should be honest and teach that it isn’t right for kids to bully and harass other kids due to their emotional/psychological disorders. “We’re here, we’re obsessive/compulsive and we’re in your school!”

    But when the “anti-bullying” campaigns suggest that it is bullying to tell the truth regarding homosexual behavior, then the school is guilty of fostering an environment that allows bad behavior to spread, as well as being guilty of stifling free speech and truth.

  5. Well… imagine that! Homosexuals trying to infiltrate the institutions affiliated w/children?Go figure!


  6. “You see, its fashionable to discriminate against Christians. In fact they’re one of the only groups where its encouraged.”
    Wow. That’s a shining example of Christian victimhood. With your Presidents and CEOs and Sheriffs and school boards and 1500 years of western dominance. Poor, put-upon Christians.
    We atheists can’t get elected President and have to praise someone else’s god to Pledge Allegiance or use money. We’re expected to do so just to give our word in court. But the poor Christians…
    And gays, just now being able to serve in the military and occasionally being able to get married. There are whole organizations dedicated to defaming them. But the poor Christians…
    They have to know people disagree with them and live outside their control. What a shame.
    You’re like a bully on the playground complaining that kids won’t give over their lunch money any more. It’s fashionable to stand up and tell sanctimonious hate-mongers that invoking the Bible no longer gives license to spread lies and hatred.

  7. Jason,

    Please. A little honest would be helpful. Homosexuals have always been able to serve in the military. So have pedophiles, actually. That behaviors are restricted by the Uniform Code of Military Justice does not mean that anyone with a propensity toward restricted behaviors cannot serve. It only means they cannot indulge those propensities.

    There are no organizations dedicated to defaming homosexuals. There are a few that are dedicated to defending the truth about the disorder and the agenda some of them support. The defaming is what results in Christian organizations recognized as hate groups. The defaming is what people like Dan Savage do.

    And Christians have not within recent centuries been in total control of anyone legally in this country. What history books have YOU been reading? No one has ever been forced to be a Christian in this country.

    John’ statement is the truth, or at least based on truth. When you can show where Christians are spreading lies and hatred (aside from Fred Phelps and the three people who follow him), then you might regain some credibility.

  8. M’Art, please, a little honesty. Homosexuals were specifically excluded prior to DADT. They asked upon enlistment – are you gay. If you said yes or if they found out later, you were thrown out. Even under DADT, you were thrown out if they found out. It was just a different kind of discharge. Being told to keep your mouth shut, deny who you are, and be a second-class citizen is nothing Christians have to deal with.

    The fact that you so quickly equate homosexuals (adults) with pedophiles (kids) shows your prejudice and the prejudice gays deal with every day.

    When you want Christian privilege, this is a Christian nation. When you want Christian victimhood, then Christians aren’t in control of anyone. The reality is that culturally, socially, and in many ways, legally, Christians are in power and commonly violate the 1st amendment by enshrining their religion in our secular government – Pledge, motto, shrines as war memorials, faith-based funding, faith-based medical exemptions. Some of it could be justified, but with a little honesty, you could admit Christian domination in the US. And remember I said 1500 years, so don’t forget all of Europe and elsewhere in the world.

    As for lies and hatred and organizations dedicated to defaming homosexuals, here’s your proof –
    Lies are much easier as any Creationist organization or faith healer will do.

    • Southern poverty law center is not a source. They are an activist that labels anyone who isn’t a pro abortion, pro samesex marriage liberal a hate group. The fact that you offer them is a JOKE!

  9. Care to back up your assertion about SPLC? Most groups listed as hate groups are there for racism (white or black). An anti-gay group does fit their definition of groups “that attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics.” I don’t think list any group due to anti-abortion stances, and only a few are listed due to anti-gay hate. And they don’t even list all anti-gay groups among hate groups, only those groups like FRC that continually spread disinformation.

  10. Jason,

    I’ve been absolutely honest. YOU, however, are less so.

    “Homosexuals were specifically excluded prior to DADT.”

    Homosexuals were not the only category of behavior denied entry into the armed services. Other behaviors got you a dishonorable discharge as well. DADT sought to overturn the military’s culture regarding this particular behavior. One could have always been homosexual in attraction. It was when one decided to engage in homosexual behavior and then was found out that a discharge occurred. Even then, there must be no doubt. Mere accusations were not enough. DADT was always in conflict with UCMJ and the current situation has not overturned that section of the code as far as I know.

    Here’s more dishonesty from you, that is so typical of anyone defending the behavior: I never equated homosexuality and pedophilia. I mentioned pedophilia as an example of another behavior that would merit discharge or prevent enlistment. I would not equate homosexuality with adultery, but that, too, could result in discharge. (I say “could” as I have no idea of just how far gone our military standards have fallen.) Are you now going to say I equate homosexuality with adultery?

    Here’s more dishonesty: Who here has ever insisted on Christian privilege? What we defend is the Constitutionally protected right to express our religious beliefs at all times, in ever phase of our lives, including the public square.

    More dishonesty: “Christians are in power and commonly violate the 1st amendment by enshrining their religion in our secular government – Pledge, motto, shrines as war
    memorials, faith-based funding, faith-based medical exemptions. “
    When you can show how any of these constitute an establishment of religion or the prohibition of any other form of worship, I’ll give you a shiny new dime. Christianity is not the only religion that worships a “God”, so things like the pledge do not limit itself to Christianity. We are a nation under God for Jews and Muslims (for example) as well. Government support of faith-based organizations are also not limited to only Christian versions. And despite the last 1500 years, I tend to concern myself with this country only as regards this issue.

    Regarding the “lies” of the FRC, one must show the context in which any of the “lies” were leveled in order to accuse or defend. You haven’t, and neither have they (according to your link), so I won’t go there except to say that the opinions of the FRC are backed up. In some cases, those opinions are opposed by other clearly slanted toward the agenda. For example, to say that one leading member supports criminalizing homosexuality would require a clear representation of his position. But prior to Lawrence v Texas, it was unlawful in at least some states and Antonin Scalia argued against the SCOTUS decision that overturned the Texas law. Scalia must be on the SPLC list as well.

  11. Bobbie Jo Justice says:

    let’s see, “christians” insist their god be on money, they place a bible in every hotel room, they stand on street corners holdings sings, the have a church on nearly every corner, and they knock on the doors of strangers to “spread the good word”.

    the only gay agenda is equality and eliminating the hate from the “so-called christians” in this country.

    so oh yea, please tell me again about the gay agenda.

    • Bobbie Jo

      I’m having difficulty understanding the link between your first paragraph and your conclusion. At first blush it sounds like you’re saying “if I have to hear about and see Christianity, then its only fair you have to hear about and see homosexuality”.

      The gay agenda isn’t really about equality in a real sense. Homosexuals are already equal in every measurable way. Of course that’s only if you recognize that equality means having the same rules and restrictions apply to you as everyone else. Equality isn’t about getting everything you want.

      Any thoughts?

  12. There is an effort to limit the world’s population and pushing the gay/lesbian agenda is just another means of reducing population growth.

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