George Washington and the Prophet Muhammad: Cut from the same cloth?

The reputable scholars at the Huffington Post regularly find ways to promote the absurd.  This piece likening America’s first President, George Washington, to Islam’s Prophet Muhammad provided the comedy I’m used to.

Muhammad and Washington may seem like an unlikely connection, but in fact, they share strikingly similar biographies. Muhammad and Washington were students of history, restorers of justice and fierce warriors who led their respective nations through successful revolutions. Both men united a large swath of political territory and served as the founding father for two unprecedented social movements — Islam and the United States of America — whose universal ideals would both spread throughout the world respectively.

The article goes on to claim the two men were cut from the same cloth because they:

  • Advised their peers to not use profane language
  • Believed in the virtue of humility
  • Believed you should respect your parents
  • Believed in good hygiene
  • Were both gentlemen to the highest degree

Yeah, I almost choked on my coffee when I read that last one too.  No word yet on Washington sharing Muhammad’s penchant for six year-old girls, raiding and plundering merchant caravans, beheading prisoners of war, assassination, or polygamy.


  1. Talk about comparing apples to oranges!!!

  2. Glenn,

    Not even close. Both apples and oranges are fruit. No, no. HuffPo compared apples to robotic dikes cruising the universe in a rainbow painted rocket.

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