How long before we ban this?

The silent killer:

AP – San Francisco: San Francisco Mayer, Adolph Ginsberg made the following announcement this morning following the tragic drowning of two year old Steven Foster in a neighbor’s pool.  “According to CDC statistics, every day, 10 people die from unintentional drowning.  This is nearly 100 times more deaths than are caused by accidental shootings in the home.  Children have the highest drowning rate, and African Americans have higher drowning rates across all age categories. Many of these deaths occur in private or public swimming pools.  Statistics don’t lie.  Swimming pools aren’t only dangerous, they are clearly racist.  I am proposing a city wide ban on all public and private swimming pools for the public good.  Unlike with guns, there is no Constitutional right to swimming, so we can’t imagine why anyone would oppose such a ban, aside from a malignant glee in the prospect of drowning black babies.”

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  1. You know, ice cream also causes drowning, so we should ban that.

    Evidence IN EVERY STATE shows that when ice cream sales increase, drowning increases (some wing nuts say it’s due to the temperature increase, but they’re racist and need to be shot.)

    /snark off :)

  2. Someones have a real problem it they don’t acknowledge the difference between unintentional and intentional.
    Someones have a real problem if they don’t acknowledge the difference between sporting and moving a finger.

    And no wonder they are the same that have a real problem acknowledging the difference between a working tool and a killing tool and not acknowledging a nuke as an arm.

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