President Obama delivers stunning pro-life address

This Youtube video laying President Barack Obama’s words on the Newtown shooting as the background to a Pro-Life message is quite poignant.  It never ceases to amaze me how the president and those of his pro-abortion ilk can speak in this fashion about children outside the womb, and yet so heartless and removed about children inside the womb.


  1. Obama does not believe, or at least does not think government should dictate, that a fetus is a child. I refer to fetuses before a certain age. If you do believe that a fetus is a child, I understand how difficult it must be to accept that people will terminate those innocent lives. I think the best you can do is to keep trying to convince those who do not share your belief that they should not terminate, and then to contribute to causes that take care of unwanted children, because not terminating leads to more unwanted children born into the world.

  2. Anthony,
    So then if the child is unwanted it is okay to murder it? At what age do we decide that is no longer okay?

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