Ironic anniversary wish for Roe v Wade

hb roe

Given the fact that Black mothers obtain elective abortions at rates more than double their population representation; and that more than half of all Black pregnancies end in abortion in large cities such as New York; and that abortion clinics are overwhelmingly present in communities which are populated by minorities in proportions well above overall averages, it is highly ironic (sad ironic, not funny ironic) that a Black man would be celebrating abortion.

Perhaps he doesn’t know how lucky he is to have even been born.  He beat the odds and champions the institution which almost made him an unnamed statistic.


  1. Yeah. What is his mother had thought the same way he does and abortion was legal when he was conceived? Would we have had our first black president? Would he have been born?

  2. Stupid blacks! And evil, to boot!

  3. Exactly.

  4. Whether you realize it or not, your posts in this vein come across as racist, as if you are calling “the blacks” too stupid or too evil to recognize that they are engaging in “self-genocide.” You are using offensive, emotionally-charged language that has the result of demonizing “the blacks.” As a result, you sound as if you are racist when you create posts like this.

    There are right ways and wrong ways to discuss serious concerns. Saying, “Gee, there are an awful lot of abortions in poorer areas of our communities! What causes this? Is there something we can do to help decrease these numbers?”

    That would be a rational way for someone opposed to abortion to discuss the topic you’ve raised here.

    Implying that “the blacks” are stupid and evil and engaging in genocide is not.

    Look at it this way: IF you are NOT trying to imply black folk are stupid and evil, then what ARE you implying with your post?

    Believe it or not, words of wisdom for you to consider.

  5. Consider your statement…

    Given the fact that Black mothers obtain elective abortions at rates more than double their representation…

    POOR women have abortions at a higher rate than non-poor women. Black women are disproportionately poor. This abortion rate would, therefore, tend to be more about poverty than race, and yet, you’ve made it about race. The implication, then, is that black women and “the blacks” in general, are more stupid and more evil than you good white folk. If that is not what you’re implying, what is your point in singling out “the blacks…”?

    • How about you consider that abortion mills are placed in minority neighborhoods. How about you consider that the poor white women in those neighborhoods do not get abortions at rates as disproportionately to their representation as the black women. How about you consider that Planned Parenthood has been caught on video gladly accepting donations which will be specifically used to abort African American babies. How about you consider Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger who saw PP as an opportunity weed out “the blacks” as you so flippantly refer to them.

      So before jumping on me with your nose in the air, know a little something. The truth isn’t always politically correct.

  6. So, this is all a vast plot (with the willing cooperation) to commit genocide?

    You are sounding as racist and delusional as Glenn, John.

    Answer the question, man: What is your point in singling out black people? Say it clearly and specifically.

    Is your point:

    Black people are evil and stupid?

    There is a conspiracy to commit genocide against black people (with the consent and support of black people and liberals)?

    Something else?

    What. Is. Your. Point?

    • Planned Parenthood and other abortion mills are in a conspiracy to make money.

    • Dan

      You need to explain why liberals push so hard to keep abortion legal and paid for by taxpayers when they overwhelmingly kill black children. You need to explain why Planned Parenthood would agree to accept donations which went specifically to abort black children. You need to explain why you defend an institution which targets black and hispanic communities.

      You need to explain why me pointing this out is racist. It seems like you want me to hush up so PP and others can continue to kill babies at rates in the millions. You — not me — have some splainin to do.

  7. Okay, then why don’t you say that rather than bringing race into it? Because it DOES sound like you’re saying black people are stupid and evil.

  8. Dan,

    You know that we see the fetus as a baby. We seek to end abortion to protect babies OF ALL RACES. It just so happens that if we had our way, there would be more black people. Your way has led to fewer black people.

    It would be racist if someone supported abortion BECAUSE of the disproportionate effect it has on the black community (like Sanger). We oppose it because of the effect it has on every community.

    If anything, John is trying to open people’s eyes to the truth. Screaming “RACIST” only serves to stop the discussion. “Don’t listen to that racist!” “Keep doing what you’re doing.”

    If any other institution had the effect that abortion has on minorities, you’d call the institution itself racist.

  9. Abortion is not an “institution,” it is a medical procedure.

    My point remains solid: IF John had wanted to say, “Abortion businesses are trying to make money and they go wherever they can make money – even if it ends up exploiting (in my opinion) poor people…” he could have said that.

    Instead, he made what sounds like to most people (I’d wager) a racist argument that sounds like he is suggesting one of two crazy positions:

    That liberals and black people are engaged in a genocide against black people (crazy)


    Black people are stupid and evil (crazy and racist).

    You can’t use your words to make your points and then complain that someone reads your words for what they say rather than what you intended.

  10. “it is a medical procedure”

    Lobotomy is also a medical procedure.

    Abortion is not a medical care.

  11. I read him to mean, “It’s ironic that black folks celebrate an institution (well established pattern of behavior that is accepted as a fundamental part of a culture) that is responsible for one out of four black babies being killed”.

    Your knee-jerk reaction is to read into John’s statement. “What could John be SAYING about black people?”

    The question it seems you don’t want answered, especially by black people, is “Just what in the hell is going on with abortion and black people?”!

    You know what else is ironic? Black people I know are proud to be black. We hear a lot about black pride. And they should be, as much as anyone can be proud of their ethnicity. Shouldn’t someone (anyone who cares about black people) say “Since 1973, we’ve wiped out 16,000,000 black people by abortion! This must stop!”?

    No hate group could have done as much damage. None!

    So, neither John nor any pro-lifer who mentions the effect of abortion on the black community (including is SAYING they’re stupid or evil. We’re ASKING, “Why is this not unacceptable TO BLACK PEOPLE?”.

  12. And I’m telling you that, in the real world, comparing black people as a whole to hate groups (no hate group could do what “the blacks” are doing to themselves…”) is exactly why the GOP/conservatives have lost nearly a whole race when it comes to politics. You may not mean it, but you all collectively come across as racist as hell. And I mean that literally.

    What do you think the answer is to your own question (“Why is this not unacceptable to black people?”)…?

    Are you saying that you DON’T think black people are stupid or evil?

    Then what is your guess as to the answer?

    Do you think they’ve been “fooled” into thinking this is okay?

    Wouldn’t that be a way of speaking down to them as children who aren’t smart enough to think for themselves – a way of calling them stupid, collectively?

    Or do you suspect that they’ve been deceived by the devil? And isn’t that a way of saying they are in the devil’s control, ie, “evil…”?

    Or what IS your own answer to your own question?

    And again, I’d point out that poverty is a great difference between who does and doesn’t have an abortion – white, black, purple and pink – poor folk have more abortions. Why are you not asking this question directed towards poor folk of all colors rather than singling out black folk?

  13. My answer is irrelevant, but I’ll give it anyway.

    90-something % of blacks vote Democrat. The history of our nation includes death threats to black people who dare support republicans. The first black congressman was a republican. This was unnacceptable to the democrats. So, the KKK was sent to get black people to “vote the right way”. This is true.

    This political bullying continues today. “Uncle Tom!”, they shout. “Real black people vote democrat”, they say. After generations of being “convinced” that democrats have their best interests in mind, they’ve bought in to all of the liberal ideas, including the notion that democrats are protecting THEIR RIGHT to commit racial suicide.

    Our message is for everyone. But, when the topic affects one group more than any other, it’s not bad to point it out. Especially when it’s about the survival of a race of people.

    You think it’s racist because a white guy said it. But, there are black organizations saying the same thing. What must you think about their motives?

  14. I have no problem saying it. Considering, as pointed out by C2C, that blacks vote Democrat at a high rate, that right there screams stupidity. What to you call someone who votes for those whose policies result in harm to your own self? “Stupid” seems entirely appropriate to me.

    Here’s another thing that’s stupid: Seeing racism in the above. Yeah. Stupid OR evil for the blatant falsehood in so proclaiming. As stated, it’s obvious. This particular demographic votes against its own interests by supporting Democratic candidates. Was the book “What’s Wrong With Kansas?” racist by suggesting middle American whites were harming themselves by voting Republican?

    Racist? HELL no! John’s question is more a call to our black neighbors to wake the hell up and see what they’re doing to their own selves.

  15. How, in the real world, does one get from; “What a tragedy that 2 generations of African Americans have been decimated by abortion. Why is this?”. To, “How dare you call blacks stupid and evil?”.

    Once again, the easy road of the left raises its head. It’s hard to deal with the facts. It’s hard to deal with the fact that the federal government subsidizes abortion providers which abort African American babies at such a fantastic rate. It’s hard to admit that Planned Parenthood was founded by a most virulent racist, and that it is currently moving in exactly the direction that Sanger wanted. These things are hard. They require the progressive to challenge their liberal dogma. They require actually looking at the data and making a ration a rational argument. It requires one to face the fact that 90% of African Americans vote for the party that wants more abortions, and more government support for abortions.

    It’s much easier to just name call. Once a progressive invokes the word racist, it’s supposed to end the discussion. It’s just easier to label someone a racist, that to denounce those on your own side.

    It’s kind of sad.

  16. It’s not a matter of stupidity. It’s a matter of ignorance. I wonder how many young black women know the impact abortion has had on their people. Is it part of any pre-abortion counseling? And when someone brings it up, do they hear it, or are they more concerned about people like Dan calling us racist?

    People like Dan are as culpable for the disproportionate impact abortion has on the black community as anything else. They are trying to stop black people from hearing what is intended to help them.

    You know what’s the most ironic of this whole discussion? IF liberals saw the black abortion rate as a problem, they’d have to admit that there’s a problem with on-demand abortion itself. They simply will not ever say that. So, what, then? Are they proud that black people are exercising their rights more than any other group? Are they happy that black people are “winning” the abortion race?

    Does it matter at all that what they want to continue includes a dwindling number of black Americans?

    They tell us that because we want abortion banned, we must want more women to die from illegal abortions. Why can’t we say that what they want is fewer black people?

    I’m for more black people. Dan is for keeping in place a legal practice that reduces the number of black people.

    And I’M the racist?

    What a twisted mind one must have to be on the left.

  17. Well said, C2C!

  18. I’ve been thinking about Dan’s assessment. To mention the disproportionate impact on black people is racist because it appears to imply that the speaker assumes that black people are stupid (forget evil for now).

    How about public service announcements explaining that heart disease affects black people at a higher rate than other races? Does mentioning that assume that black people are stupid?

  19. How about the fact that Dan doesn’t seem wiling to address the factual issues posed by these posts. Why haven’t we seen actual statistics to refute the disproportinate affect abortion has on African Americans? Why haven’t we seen statistics to refute the dismal economic numbers in another post? Why not statistics that refute the actual uses of guns in violent acts? Why don’t we get his wisdom on those kinds of things? Instead we get random out of context quotes and name calling. I guess it’s too much to hope for anything else.

    • Craig

      Dans response is that blacks are disproportionatly poor, poor people have more abortions, therefore more blacks have abortions than whites. To suggest that their race has anything to do with it is racist, even though poor whites and hispanics don’t have abortions in the same relative numbers. This is why he says its racist to bring up.

  20. John,
    The problem with that response, as you well know, is that it may or may not correspond to the actual reality of the situation. Quite franlky that doesn’t seem to bother those on the left that much. The solution to Sandy Hook, bring back a policy from the 90’s that didn’t work. Oh, and let’s not forget that the Aurora shootings weren’t enough to get them this motivated, they had to wait for the one with children, to better stir up emotional responses. The solution to the debt/deficit problem, tax the rich, then continue to spend more than we bring in. What, gun ownership has doubled at the same time violent crimes have been cut in half, better put our fingers in our ears there.

    I keep saying it, because it’s the only thing that makes sense. It’s just easier to dodge, ignore, and name call than it is to deal with reality. Not very satisfying in terms of solving problems or producing meaningful dialog, just easier.

  21. John,

    I actually just watched the video in question, and disgusting is the only word that could describe it. Folks say that the GOP says “stupid” things, but this goes way beyond that. Another blogger (and a seriously left wing pro abortion commenter) described this video as evil. While I may not go that far, I wouldn’t disagree either.

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