Gun Free Zones: Put your money where your mouth is

It seems those of a certain political bent believe in in the effectiveness of “Gun Free Zones”.  Well, it’s time to put up or shut up.  The White House has received a petition to replace the U.S. Secret Service protection for the President and Vice President with “Gun Free Zones”.



(H/T: WZ)


  1. This is very similar to the recent PSA put out by the NRA. That caught a lot of heat from both sides of the issue. I couldn’t understand why, because the point is so obvious. Why must our kids be vulnerable but the children of presidents be so protected? Are there lives any more precious? Are the children of the inner cities any less? Are the children of presidents really in danger of stray bullets from drive-by shootings by gang-bangers? Is their potential for harm greater or lesser than the children of gang-infested areas? Is it greater than the average school kid, seeing as how they are exploiting Sandy Hook as they are?

  2. Gun Free Zones don’t apply for licenced guards, so this petition is a sheer nonsense.

  3. Isu,
    No, it isn’t nonsense. It’s making a point – a point you apparently missed.

  4. Glenn.

    I gave a valid reason to say that it is a nonsense.
    Your claim is groundless.

  5. Isu,
    Thanks for the assertion with no support.

  6. Glenn

    I supported my assertion about its nonsense on the fact that in Gun Free Zones licensed guards are allowed, so removing them don’t make a Gun Free Zone. That’s your cheating and lying play on words.

    You are the one with no support.

    • Isu,
      The point is that all these liberal hypocrites think making something a “gun free zone” will keep the bad guys out, and not shooting will take place because no guns are allowed. So, if that is what they really believe, then put their money where their mouth is and make “gun free zones” around the President and VP and their families. The point is that the whole idea is utter nonsense.

      You missed the point, as is obvious by your response.

  7. Glenn,

    Gun Free Zones are not to keep the “bad guys out”, but to keep the internal irresponsible or bad guys from access to internal guns and sometimes to control external guns access.

    Teachers are focused on teaching and are more likely to be distracted and robbed of their weapons by these students.
    Guards are allowed since they focus on guarding and they are more concerned about their weapons.

  8. Glenn,

    Good joke.

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