Open Thread: Coexist

coexist baby


  1. From a religious perspective we have to coexist peacefully. Besides, if you are a Christian it is against God’s teaching to exist otherwise. You can introduce a person to Christianity, but you have to rely on God’s conviction to do the work after that.

    As a non-religious practitioner I believe this too. You have to lead by example – not by force or coercion.

  2. Coexist means that we should ignore any wrong-doing of any people anywhere in the world. Instead, we should act as if their choices are as relevant as the best imaginable human being. We should not speak out against them. We should not seek to change their behavior. We should never engage in fighting with them. And WE are the worst if we should ever kill any of them.

    “How about the little human inside you?”

    Oh, that? You know… Kill it. Don’t kill it. Whatevs.

Any Thoughts?

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