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This is the perfect follow-up to my previous post where I point out that the political left use hyperbolic language to paint their ideological counterparts as evil and unworthy of consideration.  The political left views the political right as immoral for holding the beliefs they do.  If you oppose perpetual welfare benefits, you hate the poor.  If you oppose affirmative action and believe people should be judged on merit, that makes you racist.  If you oppose President Barack Obama’s policies, it’s not because they’re bad policies, it’s because you hate him because he’s black.  Opposing illegal immigration makes you racist too.  Marriage between one man and one woman?  Bad news: you hate gay people.

With those on the political left, it’s never a matter of disagreement.

Granted, the hash tag was created to be comical and insulting, but the ‘definitions’ used here I hear in discussions with the political left on a regular basis.  They are staples of discourse.  Here’s some words I’ve seen:

  • greedy, white thieves
  • Obsessed with incest
  • hates the negro
  • war on vaginas
  • professional hostage takers
  • rape apologists
  • disciples for satan
  • guns racism homophobia
  • whites only please
  • racist homophobic bigots
  • criminalizing women’s healthcare
  • Pieces of shit
  • Spoiled Rich Brats
  • Christianity over reality
  • Fascist fanatical zealot
  • attacking the poor
  • Wealthy white men
  • men’s room lurkers
  • Cry baby extremists

And to cap it all off: Can’t play nice


  1. paynehollow says:

    Do you, then, take a stand against your comrades on the Right using hyperbolic language like:

    Not a Christian!


    • According to polls Registered democrats support in large jumbers a more socialist government. They support removing pro american curriculum from schools, removing flag displays, removing the pledge from schools, etc. The democrat party at the national convention booed at putting belief in God back in the national platform after removing Him. They support samesex marriage, oppose blocking porn from public libraries, and support sex ed with focus on gay sex and trans sex for children as young as 5. And support abortion with few limits and restrictions.

  2. There is a big difference between claiming people are things they aren’t (as Demokrats do) and saying the truth about someone. Demokrats are indeed socialist, for the most part they hate America (as they ruin America’s reputation around the world, apologize for American all the time, do things and pass laws destructive to American society, etc). I wouldn’t call them godless, but a large percentage of Democrats/liberals are indeed atheists or worship different gods than the one of the Bible.

    Those who claim to be Christian refuse to follow Christian principles and indeed teach against what the Bible says (promoting homosexuality, abortion, redistribution of the wealth, etc).

    The Demokratic platform calls for all sorts of immorality to be promoted in the USA with their sex indoctrination in public schools and universities, promotion of sexual immorality by passing out condoms and providing abortions, and promoting abortion in general.

  3. paynehollow says:

    So, when SOME on the Left decry what they perceive as racist and hateful behaviors, they are wrong. But when some on the Right decry what they perceive as socialist and God-hating behaviors, that’s okay?

    Aren’t you all doing exactly what you’re claiming to be wrong?

    Look, words have meanings. Just because someone (who self-identifies as a capitalist and who supports capitalism, not socialism) is in favor of taxes for a program with which you disagree, does not make them a socialist.

    Just because someone (often for religious reasons) opposes the interjection of religion into politics does not mean they are “booing God.” Words have meanings, friends. I and my ilk are not socialists, we love God, we are moral and support moral behaviors. Just because you disagree on how we express this does not make it right for you to call false names, any more than it’s right for more Leftish people to call false names.


    • Here’s the thing. Liberals have to “read between the lines” and “perceive” racism and bigotry. They have to note “dog whistles”. It’s entirely interpretation for political expediency and to shut down any substantive discussion.

      Conservatives on the other hand, can just point to the explicit words and staetments made by liberals.

  4. The percentages of the left which fit what we say about them is extremely high, while the claims about the right are virtually non-existent. And much of what the Left says (such as “pieces of shit”) don’t even address any ideology – they are just calling names!

  5. paynehollow says:

    Words like, “I am a believer in capitalism…, and I believe in having a national health care plan to best ensure our common health…” like that? That, EVEN THOUGH they affirm capitalism and EVEN THOUGH they are not desiring state ownership of the means of production (which is socialism, by definition), you can “know” those people are REALLY socialists, IN SPITE of what they might say? And IN SPITE of the fact that many of us are affirmed Christians, saved by God’s grace through faith in Jesus, the risen son of God, you can “know” we are NOT “real” Christians, but only false teachers?

    Do you not see the hypocrisy of reading between the lines (and entirely contrary to what we actually affirm) to reach your conclusions about us, but find fault with some on the Left who might do the same thing for you?

    Just look at me. I am NOT a socialist. I believe in a regulated capitalism (ie, I’m not an anarchist, but believe in laws and regulations). I do NOT believe that it is a good idea at all to have state ownership of production. I am NOT, by definition, a socialist. But some of you all make that claim nonetheless, regardless of reality.

    I am a Christian and love God and am a moral person, by all accounts. Saved by God’s grace through faith in Jesus, the risen son of God, married to one woman for 28 years, loving father of two children and a believer in healthy morality. I am, by definition and by real world observation, a Christian and a moral person, and yet, some of you all “know” that this is not the case, in spite of the evidence.

    Do you not see that your “side” is doing the exact same thing that you are complaining about in this post?

    Wouldn’t it be better if we just took each other’s arguments for what they are, and not engage in this presumption and demonizing?


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