Discussing Reformed Theology

About a week or so ago I meandered onto a social media group where Reformed theological doctrines were the topic of discussion.  It’s an issue I’ve always enjoyed probably because I have a good time meddling in controversy.  I do not consider myself a Reformed Christian, though I do lean that way on some issues and understand the doctrines.  Of the five points, I affirm Limited (or, particular) Atonement.  Having spent nearly three years attending a Reformed Baptist church, I am familiar with the Reformed positions and the reasoning behind them.

Adam Robles — one of the less hostile of the defenders of the Reformed position in that discussion — and I thought it might make for an interesting line of discussion here.  We decided to begin our series of discussions with the doctrine of Unconditional Election.  Essentially, Unconditional Election is the doctrine which states that God chooses whom will be saved and who will not.  This decision was made not based on who we are or what we do, but only according to what He wishes.  Adam will begin by making a case in favor of Unconditional Election and I may or may not ask some questions or make some points in the comment section, but I will respond with a post of my own.  Adam’s first post will immediately follow this introduction.

This interaction will have more of a discussion undertone than debate.  Neither of us are trying to score points; we are more looking to understand the Bible’s theology as it was intended to be understood by its Author.

Since this is an ‘in-house’ discussion among Christians, skeptics may not find this as interesting as fellow Christians might.  So I’d ask that skeptics limit their comments to furthering understanding and clarifications rather than challenges.

Any Thoughts?

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